CBS News Scores a Win with a Seasonal Story

CBS News has a strong social video presence. They regularly reel in massive views. This recent #WochitWin already has over 1.2 million views, along with thousands of shares and comments. It’s easy to see why this seasonal piece connects with social audiences.

Check out the holiday-themed video below:

With the holiday season upon us, any related content is going to be especially effective on social. The creators here embraced that, while also offering a unique and surprising story. Offering something original and different is key to making a story standout.

The video also shifts gears in a smooth way. The first half offers information and context, while the second half delivers a classic listicle video. The transition is sure to keep viewers engaged. A timely topic in a digestible format is an effective way to grab views and engagements on social.

Overlay is done exceptionally well here, too. The creators keep things succinct, but informative. The color boxes in the first half of the clip help the text stand out, and the color scheme matches the branding of CBS News. That visual consistency helps build brand identity and familiarity.

When the video shifts to its list of tips, the creators also bring in a new overlay style. The bigger, bolder text of the tips stand out and re-engages eyes.

Of course, CBS News follows all the major best practices across the board in this video. The square format is ideal for social channels. And while there is a festive backing track, the video is crafted to work on mute, so viewers can enjoy it even if they have the sound off.

The creators also use only video footage. While stills can work, and may be necessary, a moving image simply holds the attention of viewers for longer.

CBS News’ creators shaped this video for social success. We look forward to more great seasonal videos!

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