Broadcasters and online video: not as simple as it may look

Broadcasters and online video

The internet age has had a massive impact on traditional media, especially print publishers. But now, with the rise of online video, broadcasters are experiencing something akin to what their compatriots in print have been dealt with for years. While television remains popular, people are turning more and more to online video for content that was once exclusive to broadcast.

Consider Twitter’s recent deal with the NFL to livestream 10 games this season live and worldwide. Even just a few years ago, the idea of being able to watch an NFL game through any avenue other than a traditional broadcast was unheard of. As our own co-founder and CEO Dror Ginzberg pointed out, this is just the beginning of a shift that will see “the line between broadcaster and technology platform…continue to blur.” From breaking news, clips from major events, and quick insights into the news of the day, viewers increasingly want and expect to find the video content they desire online.

The Pocket Guide to Social Video

Broadcasters are, of course, well-equipped to supply their audiences with online video. They have the expertise and equipment to produce high quality, original content – it’s what they’re doing every day! But expectations for online and social video are a little different than what viewers look for in broadcast content.

They also have large budgets dedicated to their television divisions. But even while recognizing the importance of online video, their investment in broadcast content is not remotely mirrored to the social space.

That’s where a tool like Wochit comes into play. Our ever-growing asset library coupled with the easy-to-use and feature-rich video creation software allows broadcasters to aggressively pursue online video without bank-breaking investment.

Some of the world’s leading broadcasters are already partnered with Wochit for their social and online video needs. CBS, Televisa, and Prosieben, for example, are all proud members of the Wochit family. Our tools give them the opportunity to quickly and easily create online video content without the elaborate and expensive production associated with their broadcast content.

In the pursuit of social success, Broadcasters can reap the benefits of a strong social video strategy with ease, as it becomes a critical factor in growing an online audience. Sharethought president Pat Keane has gone so far as to say media companies “will die” without aggressive online video strategies.

While that might not sound like a stretch for established legacy broadcasters, a strong social presence is key to maintaining their relevance in the future. Research shows that the younger generation not only consumes more online video than any other demographic, but is also trending away from the television habits of the past.

Broadcasters are able to build relationships with these younger viewers through social. By building familiarity and trust with that demographic broadcasters are laying the foundation for ongoing success, even as the nature of television and video consumption continues to shift. Wochit empowers broadcasters to realize the full potential of online video and approach the future of a changing industry from a leading position.

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