Ashton & A Plus find social success

A Plus is a digital media and news publisher co-founded by Ashton Kutcher in 2014. They focus on positive journalism and promoting personal growth. When Nike recently joined the body-positive movement by featuring plus-sized models, it was natural for A Plus to cover it. With over half a million views, 9.4 thousand likes, and almost 800 shares, it’s clear that the positive nature of the video appealed to viewers on social.

Check out the expert clip, made using Wochit:

The first thing you notice is the feel-good, electronic music that leads the piece. It sets an immediate upbeat vibe for the video, and drives it along over its 58-second runtime.

Sharp, short text overlay tells the story of Nike’s first foray into body-positivity. The overlay is positioned to allow the images that are the heart of the story speak for themselves.

The social reaction to Nike’s new models is a key part of the story being told, and so the video doesn’t shy away from social content. The creators integrate Nike’s photos from Instagram as well as comments from followers celebrating the models. The subject prompted discussion on the video, as well, with over 100 comments (not to mention replies and growing subthreads within those) on the clip.

Finally, the piece keeps its momentum by integrating stock video footage even as it is focused on still images. Effectively pairing stock footage and images with story-specific or original content is an important element of fleshing out videos and keeping viewers engaged.

From every angle, this is a well-made social video built to draw viewers in and illicit an emotional response. The efforts paid off, as made clear by the high engagement number on the piece. This kind audience response is exactly what every publisher wants, and social video is the best way to leverage it.

We’ll see you back here next week for a breakdown of another great social video made using Wochit.

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