5 Square Videos To Inspire Social Creation

Square videos are quickly becoming the hot format on social. In Q2 of this year, they averaged 137% more views than their horizontal cousins on Facebook. Engagement numbers are soaring for square videos, alongside those views. Below, we have 5 recent examples of excellent, Wochit-made square videos to help you and your team find inspiration. And for a deep dive into square, check out The Wochit Guide to Square Video.

Vanity Fair France

The creators here utilize mostly high-quality stills throughout this piece, framed nicely in 1:1 ratio. But they also they also bookend the video with famous clips from the films. You should always kickoff your videos with moving footage when you can. It simply engages the eye and mind of the viewer more immediately, making it likelier that they will stick around.


You can see great use of color in text overlay here. The creators use a bright color to offset and highlight key phrases, drawing the audience’s attention. The listicle format is also a surefire winner on social, creating and delivering expectations for viewers.

Cosmopolitan Australia

This straightforward social clip starts out with a real bang! The line-by-line animation of striking text overlay makes for an enticing and exciting opening to this piece. From there, it’s a simple walk through the years of Sprouse’s life, watching him grow into a man. The closing branding splash is a great reinforcer of sub-branding and different content streams under the Cosmo umbrella.


In this square recipe video, the creators have actually repurposed on-air footage for their social channel. Repurposing and reusing existing content is a great way to increase social video output, and it can also lead you to new, in-house sources for your social videos.

Inc. Southeast Asia

This piece is all about overlay! The high-quality visuals serve as a backdrop to the list of advice the creators provide. The sharp blue text jumps out at the viewer (and also matches the branding of the publisher). The creators are also sure to keep each set of overlay brief and succinct, never overloading the viewer with too much to read at once.

We hope these sharp, creative videos can help inspire your own efforts in square creation. For even more insight into the popularity and utilization of square video in your strategy, snatch the Wochit Guide to Square Video. It’s free!


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