5 examples of great video infographics

A video can only be as great as the sum of its parts. Keeping your content varied and fresh is a big part of the equation, as you’re constantly battling short attention spans and a deluge of other content in social feeds. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to make sure your videos stand out! Video infographics keep your audience engaged and add value to your coverage. Let’s take a look at some ways our customers used video infographics to enrich their videos

Animated video charts

The internet loves a good infographic, so why not utilize them in your videos? Their visual nature is perfect for the medium, and – as ever – they’re a useful way to display data in an easy-to-understand way. You can animate the presentation for an extra kick, as Focus Online does here:

Map animation

It’s always better to show your viewers than narrate information to them. Not only does it simplify the communication, it also assures that your video is being understood no matter where or how it is being viewed. Think about info that might be part of a voiceover that would work as well, or even better, as a graphic, such as locations on map. While always informative, maps are also interesting, compelling visual content. Here The Orlando Sentinel uses a map of China to kick off its history of Fireworks:

Event-specific templates

And keep in mind that audiences are used to receiving certain types of info in graphic form, like sports standings, poll numbers, and the like. If you can create or utilize specialized graphics tailored to particular news events, it elevates the value of your content for viewers. Check out some of Wochit’s Euro 2016 infographics in this clip from la Sentinella:

Twitter feeds

Social media is no longer just the mechanism through which stories spread – it is often times a part of the story. Pulling reactions and coverage from social media not only offers new visual assets, but also illustrates the ongoing conversation for your viewers.

Leading Britain’s Conversation broke down Brexit, and its fallout, by composing a video of tweets detailing both the news of the day and the reactions of British citizens:

Instagram feeds

And her, the NY Daily News doesn’t just integrate social content into their piece, but celebrity Instagram activity is the basis for the story:

Whether you’re looking for additional visuals, perspective, or a whole new story, social media has a lot that you can integrate into your videos.

The classic combination

While all the bells and whistles surely enrich your video, the most surefire way to make your videos compelling is through the strong foundation provided by the powerful trio of news footage, original content, and editorial clips. These are the bread and butter for online video makers, providing the on-the-ground footage from the story at hand, contextualizing clips and images to flesh out the story, and the original voice (and even original footage) that defines a publisher.

Always be on the lookout for the most compelling assets for the story you’re covering. But consider, especially when covering a big or breaking news event, that you’re not the only one pushing video out on the subject. What makes your offering special? Use video infographics to give your viewers something original and valuable, not just a re-hash they’ll get elsewhere.

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