3 Ways to Make An Emotional Impact With Branded Videos

Making an emotional impact – invoking a strong emotional response is an important part of marketing. It creates particular associations with your brand, motivates actions like following or purchasing, and makes lasting impressions on your audience.

There’s no better format for tapping into emotion than video. It let’s you utilize all the elements of other formats together to craft a specific emotional experience. The greater opportunity for emotional resonance is the foundation of why video marketing can be so effective compared to other methods.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when you want to maximize the emotional impact of your videos:

Focus on storytelling

The best way to get an emotional response is by telling a story. Stories are the fundamental way people share knowledge and information, whether the narrative is about an experience, what a product does, who won a soccer match, or anything else.

Strong imagery can evoke emotion on its own, but giving that imagery context through narrative makes it that much more powerful. A narrative structure allows you lead viewers to emotional high point.

Strong storytelling is also the best way to create understanding and familiarity with your brand, creating a lasting connection to your audience.

Stay positive, or at least end that way

You want your audience to have positive feelings about your brand directly – to, say, trust your messaging or be excited by your products. But you also want to create broaded, positive associations, which you can do through your videos. A heart-warming social clip may not explicitly pitch your services, but it will evoke positive feelings that viewers will associate with your business.

But negative emotions can be useful at times, as well. Fear, for example, could motivate someone to invest in a security system, or concern might move someone to alter their lifestyle. You have to walk a fine line with negativity, though – you don’t want a poor association to carry over to how viewers think of your brand.

If you do have cause to tap some negative feelings, try to spin your brand as a positive counterpoint. Tapping fear? Lead that into how your brand offers safety or shelter from the point of concern. Send your viewers away with something positive they can directly relate to your company.

For emotional impact you have to be authentic, not cheesy

When developing branded content, especially content that is focused on big emotions, you run the risk of coming off as disingenuous. Hardly anything is a bigger turn off to a viewer than the feeling that something is forced and inauthentic.

But how do you avoid coming off as cheesy and manufactured? Tell authentic stories that genuinely evoke emotions. This can take many forms, from telling inspiring stories of individuals, to sharing the driving vision of your company, a look at the people behind the scenes in your business or anything else you can think of that’s real story about real people and feelings. Think about stories that move you, what makes them so impactful, and how you might mimic their cues in your own videos.

Emotional hooks are an important part of effective video marketing. It gets people interested, makes an impression, and creates strong associations with your brand and products. You should do what you can to make your videos as emotionally impactful as you can, while still keeping them brief, creative, and genuine.

Now that we’ve talked about making an emotional impact with your videos, time to talk about how utilize that impact and get your viewers to take action after watching. Learn how to do this right by reading our post: how to make the most out of your video CTA.

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