3 Compelling Reasons to Make CEO Videos for Social

There was a time when a CEO having a public presence on social media, and in branded videos in particular, was thought to be a risky proposition. Could an off-message (or off-color) post damage a company’s reputation, upset employees, or drive away consumers? While that concern isn’t unfounded, the thought process around CEO videos on social has changed in recent years.

Watch our CEO in action:

These days CEOs being engaged on social media is part of the storytelling strategy for many companies. 80% of CEOs from the 50 largest companies around the globe now engage on social media, up from only 36% in 2010.

Not only are CEOs getting involved in social, they’re especially keen on video, with 54% appearing in branded video from their companies. They know, as we all do, that one of the best ways to engage your followers on social media is through video content, and there are some compelling reasons why some of that video content can be centered on CEOs.

Here are 3 main reasons to engage your audience with CEO videos:

CEO videos are great for branding

Whether the voice your brand’s identity is playful or buttoned-up, a CEO’s presence can reinforce the character of your brand by tying it to a personality, which adds a layer of authenticity and lowers the trust barrier.

When your CEO engages on social and is a feature in video content directed at consumers, it makes them appear both reachable and interested in customers. Audiences like to feel that brands are available and listening to them, not simply broadcasting at them.

The personal, human touch of a CEO who is connecting to consumers can go a long way in developing those positive associations among your followers.


Social video lets CEOs stand out as thought leaders

Successful CEOs get to the top for a reason – they’re strong leaders and experts in their industries. There’s not always a lot of opportunity in the day-to-day for them to show off that expertise to their audience and employee base, but video can change that.

One-off videos or even an on-going series from a CEO offering insights and analysis on their business and industry can broadcast their knowledge. This can be good for company morale, as employees are reminded that they’re working for informed leaders. Outwardly, that thought-leadership reflects well on the company, as consumers will associate the expertise of leadership with the brand as a whole.


There’s a lot of opportunity for creativity

CEOs understand the power and popularity of social video. It’s become an important part of marketing for most brands, and one that CEOs have taken a liking to.

There are many different ways for a CEO to have a presence in social video, from simple clips of industry events or investor meetings, to more active, consumer-facing content. A CEO might showcase products, offer a series of Q&As about an industry, or address the public in the wake of tragedy.


A CEO can have a strong, personal presence through video – one that benefits the company internally and externally – it just takes some creativity and an authentic voice.

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