2016: Year of the Online Video Election

election video examples

The biggest story of the year has inarguably been the U.S. presidential election. From the primaries all the way through the results on November 8th, it has been (and continues to be) one of the most talked about events by publishers all around the globe. Naturally, in this age of online video, coverage in video on both social and publishers’ own sites has been expansive.

There are a lot of different tactics to take in covering an election. Both in how to cover the race itself and in producing related content to tap into the social conversation. We’ve rounded up some excellent, varied examples of election videos created with Wochit.

Cover the news with a nod to history

CBS News shared this video following Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination as the first female presidential candidate of a major party. To flesh out the story and add some value to the piece, beyond a straightforward recitation of the news, the creators took a look back. By focusing on historical context, the creators crafted a piece with greater value – informationally and emotionally – to viewers than a simple recitation of the news.

Focus on social

The election has dominated social media this year. It’s been the focus of countless Facebook debates, tweetstorms, and conversations. An effective way to pull together thoughts about an election is to turn to social, as Süddeutsche Zeitung does here. Using only tweets, SZ presents the global reaction to the U.S. election. Presenting the social conversation prompts viewers to engage, because they want to add their voice.

Offer your viewers a one-stop shop

For big stories of any kind, many viewers want to get as much information as they can as quickly as possible. They want to get up to speed with what is happening immediately. You can tailor to this desire,  as DW does, with a video that takes a broad look. You can afford to go a little longer for these info-stuffed pieces, but remember social viewers still like their videos brief. DW pushes the length to just under two minutes, which is just right for covering a lot of ground while still being effective on social.

Look for unusual stories

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-10-42-39Not every story coming out of the election had to do with candidates on the campaign trail. For any event so large and globally significant, there are countless other stories to be told. And since it can sometimes feel like everywhere you turn, outlets are covering the same speeches or gaffes, your audience will appreciate it when you mix up your coverage with something outside the campaign itself. Focus takes that approach here, covering a Trump impersonator. They smartly integrate social responses into the coverage, as well.

Create related videos


Similar to looking off the campaign trail, it pays to think about content that is related but not directly covering the big event. AZ Central took a smart approach here, with a fun video listicle of the best and worst U.S. presidents, per a recent poll. Content like this taps into the interest surrounding the election, while also offering something unique to viewers.

For a news event like the presidential election, it’s important to find ways to make your content stand out. Every outlet and publisher is covering the campaigns, the candidates, the speeches, etc. When doing the same, try to find a unique voice, angle, or context to offer with your video content. And find ways to leverage the ongoing conversation through pieces not directly related to the election itself. This advice holds true for any kind of major, ongoing story: add your voice to the conversation in an original, interesting way!

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