2016 Top posts about the year of Social Video

We’ve spent the last year taking a close look at social video. From big trends and best practices to practical tips and sharp content, we strove to stake out a place at the front lines of social video in a year when it saw exponential growth. As the year comes to a close, we want to look back at five of the top posts from the past year. Regardless of your role in an organization – from a creator or journalist to an editor to a marketing manager or even a CEO – these posts will help you make the best videos and pursue the strongest strategy possible going into the new year.

Square Video is the New Standard

The trends that come and go on social take many forms. For social video, this is a literal truth. 2016 has seen audiences embrace non-traditional aspect ratios, like vertical. But increasingly, square video is shaping up to be the new go-to for social video. Learn all about it here.

Best Practices for Text-Overlay

Video storytelling used to be based around visual assets combined with voiceover. But the ever-growing amount of mobile viewing has led to a need for videos to work without sound. So in place of traditional voiceover, text-overlay now offers the context and story to pull the imagery together. Good use of overlay isn’t as simply as just throwing words on the screen, though. These tips will help you craft the best text-overlay you can.

How Editors Can Increase Video Inventory

Editors play a key role at publishers and outlets of every shape and size. The rising popularity of video and demand for it among consumers has seen it creep further into newsrooms and under the purview of editors. Those in these critical positions face many challenges related to video, but one of the biggest is the challenge of inventory. We have three surefire ways to help you increase the video inventory you have to work with.

Making Social Videos Work On Mute

As noted above, mobile viewing has exploded and video viewing without sound has become more commonplace. It’s so commonplace, in fact, that publishers should expect their videos to be viewed without sound a significant amount of the time. But there’s more to making a video work without sound than just turning a voiceover into on-screen text – much more. Following this advice will make your videos not just work on mute, but excel.

Doing Social Video the Right Way

2016 was truly the year of social video. It shifted from being a type of content on social media to being a foundational element of the social experience. Audiences on social expect and desire video content, and publisher and brands have responded in kind. Video is now a key component of every social strategy. With these best practices in mind, you can take your social video effort to the next level.


In 2017, we won’t be slowing down. Keep your eyes here for our insights and breakdowns of all the shifts, trends, and best approaches to social video. If you want to make video worth sharing, Wochit is here to help.


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