Wochit Updates

Wochit is constantly improving to give you the best video making experience. Check back here for an overview of the latest updates to the Wochit platform!

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January 8th 2017


Create Trivia videos with Wochit! Offering a variety of different customizations, the new trivia tool makes it easy to create a short quiz, or use the countdown to tease a release or spoiler. For more information on how to use the trivia tool click here.

December 17th 2017

New Year New Look New Wochit

We’ve made some changes to the Wochit video creation experience. Not to worry, all your favorite features are still available! This guide will take you through some of the improvements to look out for so you can start working on your video.

Wochit Home

We’ve combined the Dashboard and Start New Video screen to create the new Wochit Home. Now you can view your recent Drafts and Produced videos, and Start a New Video all in one place!


To view all your drafts or produced videos, click on the icons in the top left corner of the screen. To return to the home click on Home or the Wochit logo at anytime.

Videos in progress are no longer separated by the different stages like Media Selection and Timeline and are instead all kept together under Drafts. Use the filter tool to look at videos from a specific stage or type like voice-over or no voice-over. Or toggle on the My Work Only option to only see the projects you’ve worked on.


The My Work Only button is also available when looking at produced videos, in addition, you have the option to filter out by video type and production line. We’ve also added a quick menu on each video that allows you to easily grab a share link, duplicate a video or delete the project. To access it, click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the video thumbnail.

When you click on the full produced video preview you will notice a new streamlined look. With publishing options, information on the video, and the duplicate & edit option available in the right hand panel.

Start a New Video

Starting a new video is as easy as 1,2,3!

From the Make a Wochit menu on the right side of the Home screen:

  1. Select your production line
  2. Select the type of video you’re creating (Voice-Over or No Voice-Over)
  3. Click Start New Video

On this menu you will also see the option to Start from Ready-Made Videos, formally known as Instant Videos.

Video Work Flow

Video with Voice-Over

A video with a voice-over still follows the path of Media Selection, record voice-over and finally Timeline. The below goes over the big changes you’ll see, but for more detail instructions on how to create a video with voice-over click here.

Media Selection

Media selection stays much the same for this update. However you will notice that the left hand menu is slightly changed with the Wochit Gallery taking the top spot followed by Story Based Search and Uploads. To continue to Voice-over use the Next button in the top right hand corner.


Once you’ve added media to your Timeline you can edit assets as usual. If you haven’t already, check out the Multi-lines, listicle and new Overlay options that are available now!

Video Without Voice-Over

Once you click Start New Video with the Without Voice-Over option selected you will be taken directly to the Timeline. From here, you can search through our library, upload content and utilize the Story Based video tool.

To start, you will find the Lightbox is empty. Use the search bar to look through the Wochit gallery and your uploads. Check out these article for more information on adding media to your lightbox and editing media on your Timeline with text, effects and more!

Preview Produce & More

When you’re done editing you can use the Preview and Produce button on the top right hand corner to grab a preview link and produce the HD version of your video.

Converting Video Type

You will see the option to convert your video to VO (or No VO) under the menu button on the top right of the screen. When converting to a VO video you will take the video back to Media Selection, click Next to enter your script and either record it yourself or send it to our Professional Voice-Over team (Pro VO).

This menu is also where you can Delete a video, invite teammates to the platform and adjust your Wochit settings.

November 27th 2017 Release

Free Text Gradient


A Cyber Monday gift for our users! Bring your holiday videos to the next level with our new gradient for background overlays.

Located under background overlay on the Free Text menu, the gradient tool gives you a handful of different options to customize your free text background. Be sure to click through and experiment with the different looks. You can also customize your own by using the options like Type, Color (start and end), and level.

To save a gradient you’ve created to use it in future videos, click ‘Set as Preset’ on the bottom of the menu. You can also save it as a Text Style to share it with your team.


October 8th 2017 Release

Text Overlay: Listicle

The newest addition to our Text Overlay menu, the new listicle option is an easy way to create a quick social media friendly video for your audience. Whether its a list of top horror movies or a round-up of the news of the day it’s going to look great!

On the listicle input menu you have the option to:

  • Input the number for your countdown (or get creative and add a short word!)
  • Insert your text
  • Change your text to all caps
  • Adjust the position (bottom, middle, top)
  • Change the animation time that the listicle appears, by selecting “full length animation” the text and number will appear for the duration of the asset.
  • Use the Enter key to create a line break and add **around** a word to highlight it in a third color. Speak to your CSM about customizing this option further.
“Apply To All” in audio settings:

We now have a new feature that allows you to automatically apply selected sound settings to your entire video. The settings will be applied on all assets on timeline or those added after.

If the current asset has sound, clicking ‘Apply to All’ will apply your selected settings to all assets with sound. If the current asset does not have sound, clicking ‘Apply to All” will copy the setting to all other silent assets.

On assets with sound:

On assets without sounds:


September 10th, 2017 Release

Emoji Stickers  🙂 

Under the new overlays menu you will now see the option for Stickers. A new feature in Wochit that allows you to place a sticker over assets on your Timeline. Currently the collection includes a selection of  your favorite emojis. Placing the sticker is similar to how you use the blur tool, with the option to change the size, position and animation style.


Asset Editor Redesign

One of the most important parts of creating your video is adding text and effects to share your story the way you want to. Wochit has plenty of options to help you do this, but until now they all haven’t been as accessible or easy to use as we would like them to be.

As you start to edit your assets you will notice a few changes to the asset editor menu. These are not purely cosmetic, this new redesign allows you to combine an effect like blur or image animation, with text tools like free text, quote, and other templated text overlays.

By separating out the old Overlays menu into Text, Overlays, and Effects we allow for more flexibility, with the option to add one of each on a single asset. So although limitations still apply, we hope this new redesign will help open the door to more creativity and customization of your videos.

Hint: Double-clicking the “T icon” (Text) is a shortcut for accessing a new Free Text box without going through the menu.

Multi Lines

You will also notice one new addition to the Text menu: Multi Lines. Much like our custom overlays, this new text option is a pre-formatted look create by our designers for all Wochit users.

You will see the option to add the multi line overlay under the Text menu. Once the window is opened you can add your text on the input field on the right hand side.

Use the Enter key to create a line break and add **around** a word to highlight it in a third color. Speak to your CSM to see what options are available for further customization!

Video Segment Editor Upgrade

We’ll keep this short and sweet! The segment editor upgrade makes the selection of video segments easier by making it clear which part of the clip has been selected. You’ll see this new look whether you add clips using our scene detection or you’re free handing it.

Below are some keyboard shortcuts to help make adding video clips to your Lightbox even easier!

  • Typing ‘A’ will add the selected segment to Lightbox.
  • Typing ‘ESC’ will close the window.
  • Typing ‘I’  = move IN point asset selector (blue handle) to the pink scrubber
  • Typing ‘O’ = move OUT point asset selector (blue handle) to the pink scrubber

When scene detection is on you are able to navigate between segments using:

  • SHIFT+Right Arrow ‘>’ – Go to next scene
  • SHIFT+Left Arrow ‘<‘ : Go to previous scene


Image Recognition in the My Uploads Gallery

Although you may not recognize this new feature at first, trust us it’s going to make your video creation process much easier! Using image recognition technology, Wochit will now automatically tag images you upload into the gallery. This new feature will make it easier to search through your self uploaded assets to find the images you need for your project.

* This feature will not work for BMP files.

Weather Infographic

One of the cornerstones of local news coverage is being able to share accurate weather reports with your audience. To make this easier, Wochit provides a pre-made weather infographic which is released twice daily. Making it easy to create a video with quick local updates for your audience whether it be shared on Facebook or your Website. Take a look at this article to learn how to make your own weather video!

Currently covering only the US and Germany, with plans to expand rapidly, this tool can be developed to include different languages and cities as needed. If you do not see the city you are looking for please reach out to your CSM or sales contact for more information.


August 21st 2017 Release

Replace Asset on the Timeline

(No voice-over videos only)

Ever wished that you could change an asset out for another without losing all your text on screen and effects? Well welcome to the future! Wochit is happy to announce that we have added the capability to swap one asset out for another, keeping all your editing work and text on screen intact.

Replace an asset on your Timeline by simply dragging and dropping an image or video from your Lightbox over an asset on your Timeline.This will apply all post production effects set on the old asset to the new one. Text overlays and any effects that are correlated to asset’s length are re-calculated to fit the new length respectively.

It’s pretty rare, but If the original asset included effects that are not applicable to the new asset, a warning will be given showing that not all effects could be copied. For example, if the original image had the ‘Pan & Zoom’ effect and it is being replaced with a video asset you would see the below:


Duplicate Tool

You’ll notice a new icon when you click on any asset on the Timeline. The ‘Duplicate’ tool will copy the asset with all its effects to the right of the current asset on the Timeline.

If there’s no place for the duplicated asset in a Voice-Over Timeline the duplicate button will be disabled.  We believe this feature will enable a very easy way to create a consistent look in tandem with the new Replace feature.

GIFs are here!


No matter how you pronounce it, Wochit now supports GIFs!

Wochit is now partnered with the Tenor, making it easy to add a little gif fun to your videos. A gif can be selected from the ‘GIFs’ tab in Media Selection or can be self uploaded to the ‘My Uploads’ folder. Once added to your Timeline, you’ll be able to add effects just like any video asset.

Audio Library Improvements

We’ve gotten some feedback that the current music library has been a little stale, and we listened! Sunday we added a completely new catalog of music to our library with plans to add more every month. This means that unfortunately you wont be able to search for any old favorites (RIP Christmas Piano Cats) but they will remain on old videos that you bring back to Timeline.

In addition, we’ve also made it easier to search for music based on Mood, Pace and Genre that will replace Artist and Album.

Mark An Asset

A new feature will allow you to mark an asset in Media Selection. By marking an asset it will add a pin icon to it in the Lightbox. With the ability to add it to all videos and images, we hope this feature will help you sort through important assets for a project or differentiate which one will be used as a soundbite in your video.


July 31st 2017 Release

Sound and Volume Control

Sound and volume settings can now be controlled from the new Audio section on the asset toolbar. The old audio presets have been improved and now include the option for even more control with a new Custom audio setting. The new feature will allow you to adjust sound levels manually to set the perfect mix of ambient noise and background music for a specific clip.

The New Terminology:

Mix = Background Sound. BG Music Only = Muted. Video Only = Soundbite

(Any previous customizations made to your production through your CSM will still be in effect)

The new improvements to the sound options in your video also mean that the audio levels in the asset editor (including asset, narration and background music) and your rough cut preview will be IDENTICAL to the audio levels in full preview and your final video.

No more surprises! What you hear while editing will be exactly what you get for your final produced video.

1. Setting the audio levels for your video is now exclusively done on the Timeline.  So you no longer choose the audio level for your video clips from the Media Selection stage, and the Audio presets have been removed to reflect that. Check out this article for more information on the new voice over work flow.

This means that you will no longer need to go through the additional soundbite placement step. Instead, scripting, segmenting and recording your voice over is all done in one place.

By splitting your script into multiple segments you create gaps or breaks in the Timeline. You’re able to place both multiple videos or images in these gaps to get your desired effect.

Feature Fixes + Updates

 Split tool: Previously, when you split an asset on the timeline, overlays and effects were applied only on the first asset. Since its easier to remove overlays rather then add overlays, effects will now stay on both parts of the split asset.

Blur custom overlay:  Added ease in/out and control to invert selection.

July 9th 2017 Release

Blur Feature

Wochit now allows you to Blur out objects in an image or video using the tool under the Overlays menu. Giving you the ability to adjust the size and the position of the blur and the rate of pixilation from 1 – 100 to get your desired effect. This is a great way to censor an object, or person in your video in addition to giving you another option as a background for your free text.

Keep in mind, we currently only allow for one blur per asset which will appear for the duration of the asset. In addition, because it is available under the Overlays menu you cannot use it in conjunction with any other overlay tool like the quote feature.

Scene Detection

In an effort to make it easier to select a segment for a video package we’ve added scene detection as a feature in our media library. Scene detection, will go through the full video package to detect different scenes and then segment it off so you can easily search and add clips to your Lightbox.

Scene detection will be enabled automatically and start working when you first open the video clip in Media Selection. It will then allow you to scroll from one scene to the next to easily find the clip you’re looking for!


To compliment the recent addition of our Auto-Save feature we’ve added the undo/redo functionality to our Timeline. Located just above the Timeline you will see the addition of two new icons which will allow you to take your project 20 steps backwards or forward, and you can use your keyboard shortcuts!

The feature allows you to undo/redo actions done to the make up of your Timeline. For example, changing the length of an asset on the Timeline, using the scissor crop tool, removing an asset placed on the Timeline, or adding one from your Lightbox.

Keep in mind once you change the aspect ratio of your video or make changes to a specific asset like adding text or an overlay the feature will reset and will not apply to those actions.

June 6th 2017 Release


Auto Transition Support: You now have the option to turn off the auto transition at the story or project level.

As you may be aware, Wochit adds an automatic transition between the videos and images on your timeline. Up till now there was only an option to remove that transition on a per asset basis with this new update, you can adjust the transition for your entire project with one click.

Consistency: The same transitions you see on the full preview will remain on the final produced video, no more surprises!

Timeline Editing

Split Tool: The newest option to edit the length of your video segments is to use the scissor tool to split the selected clip into two pieces. This is an ideal tool if you want to use an overlay like the quote tool on only a part of the original segment you cut.

  1. Make sure the clip you want to splice is on the Timeline
  2. Click on the clip on the Timeline to select it, you should see a blue handle marking the in and out point on either side of the clip and the toolbar with the edit pencil, scissors, and trashcan icons
  3. Drag the pink scrubber to the point where you want the clip to split.
  4. Once you reach the desired point, click on the scissor icon in the toolbar
  5. The two clips will begin to process. Any overlays, including text overlays, quotes, supers or credits will be placed on the first clip, leaving the second one blank

Upload Assets Straight to the Lightbox: 

We have added a new and quick way to add assets to your light box. You can now simply drag and drop your images and short videos (under 2 minutes) over the Timeline light box and they will begin to upload for use in your video.

Assets you’ve uploaded through this method will also be available for use in future videos in your gallery. Using the Mobile Upload or Media Library option should still be your preferred process to bring footage into Wochit due to size restrictions using this method.

Free Text Updates

Align and Distribution Options: This new tool will help to improve the accuracy and simplicity of placing multiple text boxes on an asset. The new Align and Distribute tool bar is available underneath the Basic Text Toolbox 

  • Align: Orders all the visible text boxes according to the selected element.  Available when 2 or more text elements are seen on the asset. Bring all the text boxes to the left side or right side of the screen with the click of a button. In addition to being able to place all text boxes right on top of each other if you were going to play around with the timing.
  • Distribute: Sets the same vertical spaces between the text overlays. This option is only available when 3 or more text elements are on the asset.

Enriched Text Shadow Options: Includes 4 shadow presets to adjust the angle and depth of the shadow, in addition to the option to manually change the shadow opacity, angle and distance. We’re excited to see the new and creative ways our users will use this tool to make their text POP!

New Text Animation: Just added! You now have the option to have your text appear from top to bottom in your videos.

Spell Checker: In the past you’ve seen the spell check option in the free text toolbox, to clean it up a little bit we’ve moved it to the user settings screen. Now you’ll be able to turn it on from there and also choose between our service and the one provided by your (chrome) browser.

Production Lines

Production Line Selection: We’ve all done it, started a video gotten all the way to the timeline before realizing that you’re in the wrong production line! OH THE HUMANITY!

Although you shouldn’t panic because our support team would be happy to help you out when that happens  we’ve made some changes to prevent it from happening again!

You will now be able to select which production line you’re going to be working in from the Media Search bar on the Make New Videos screen. I see less oops moments in our future!

Add a Default Production Line: You’ll see this option on the settings page. We now offer an option to select your default production line as opposed to it being the last one you worked in.



May 19th 2017 Release



Free text is by far the most flexible option for adding text to your video. With the freedom to customize the color, font, size, placement, timing and animation of your text there are endless combinations that will work for your content and audience. This article will go over some of the recent updates to free-text you may not be aware of, for more on the basics of using free text, check out this article. 

Text Animation

Text animation from the free text toolbar allows you to customize the way your text box appears on the screen. As part of an initiative to enrich the options that we provide to all our users we have added 2 more text box animation options which are a Typewriter and Word by Word. You can add them using the drop down menu in the free text toolbar.

Free Text Grid

We’ve just added a new grid option as part of our agenda of creating tools that will assist creators in making professional and polished videos as easily as possible. With a snap option for both box movement and resizing, we hope the new grid will help in placing text boxes consistently across your different projects.

The snap functionality will also carry over to the placement of multiple text boxes on an asset. With the goal of helping you to avoid the accidental placement of text boxes on top of one another. The text boxes will now snap next to each other with the ability to make detailed adjustments by clicking on the blue handles around the box and using your arrow keys.

To use the grid:

  1. Click on the free text option from the Edit Image/Video overlay
  2. Above the free text toolbar on the right hand side of your screen you will see the Grid icon
  3. Click on it to toggle the grid on or off
  4. Add your text boxes, you’ll notice that the boxes will snap to the grid and other text boxes
  5. With the text box handles selected, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to make detailed adjustments to the placement
  6. Click on a corner handle of the text box and drag to adjust both the box size and the font size automatically

Copy and Paste

Wochit now allows for the option to copy/paste a text box. You can copy a text box and paste it on the same asset, different assets, and even another story. This will help if you ever need to swap out one asset for another on your video and you don’t want to lose all the work you did on formatting your text, even the text timing is saved!

Please note – the Copy/Paste works only with keyboard shortcuts – listed below for your convenience

  • Mac:
    • Copy: Command + C
    • Paste: Command + V
  • PC:
    • Copy: CTRL + C
    • Paste: CTRL + V

To use the copy and paste feature:

  1. Add both the assets to your Timeline
  2. Format the text box on your first asset
  3. Using the keyboard shortcut, copy the text to your clipboard 
  4. Using the arrows on the left and right hand side of the Edit Image overlay, move to the asset you want to paste the text on
  5. Using the keyboard shortcut, paste the text on the new asset

Control Free Text Overlay Timingchange-the-text-timing

Free text timing is an easy way to add multiple text boxes on one asset with different in and out points. A great tool if you are working with limited footage and you want your text boxes to appear over specific points or you want to put a caption effect on your video.

  1. Start by clicking the grey T (Text) icon to add Free text to the media asset
  2. Add another text box by clicking on the T+ icon on the top of the Edit image overlay
  3. As you continue to add new text boxes and place them on the image/ video,  bars will appear below the asset with the copy from your text boxes (as seen above)
  4. If you hover over the the different bars with your mouse blue handles will appear on either end
  5. Control the timing of each text box by clicking and dragging the blue handle of the corresponding bar to the desired time marker
  6. To help with timing out your text boxes click and drag on the pink scrubber to go through the video clip
  7. Get creative! With the ability to add up to 8 text overlays per asset

You may also want to check out the articles on Text Styles and the full article on Free Text to learn more about your different text options in Wochit.


Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen