Wochit MoJo Uploader

Wochit has created a new mobile app that allows you to easily upload content to the Wochit gallery from your smartphone.

Open Wochit MoJo Uploader

Features: The MoJo Uploader allows you to quickly upload content from your mobile device for use in a Wochit video.

  • Tag multiple photos/videos with the same description for easy searching
  • Allows your colleague to get started on a project while you’re still in the field
  • No App to download! Access the uploader from any web browser on your mobile device
  • We recommend using Safari on iOS devices and Chrome on Android for the best experience
  • Go to upload.wochit.com to get started!

Getting Started

To start uploading content using the MoJo Uploader go to upload.wochit.com using your phones web browser (We recommend using Safari on iOS devices and Chrome on Android for the best experience)

  1. Log in using your Wochit username and password
  2. The My Uploads page will open, here you will see all the content you’ve uploaded to your Wochit Gallery. To add more content click on the + sign on the bottom of the screen
  3. Click on photo library to open the photo library on your phone (you also have the option to take a new photo or video here)
  4. Select the photos or videos you would like to upload and then click Done

  5. The MoJo Uploader will reopen and allow you to add a Collection Title, Keywords and a Description – filling in this information can be helpful in finding your content later
  6. Decide whether you want to share the new collection with your whole team (all production lines you have under your account) or keep them private. Click on the circle to make your selection
  7. Click Upload and the collection will start to process.
  8. Go to Wochit.com and log in and you should see the content under the My Gallery tab in Media Selection
  9. Add it to your Lightbox and start putting together your video!


Add theMoJo Uploader to Your Home Screen

These are steps for adding the Wochit MoJo Uploader to your home screen on the iPhone 7 and Safari.

  1. Go to upload.wochit.com  and log in using your Wochit credentials
  2. Across the bottom of the screen, you will see the Safari toolbar, click on the Share button to open the menu
  3. Click on Add to Home Screen
  4. Confirm the name and then click Add
  5. The Wochit MoJo Uploader is now only a click away from your home screen!




Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen