Video Without Voice Over

Need a social video? Or a mobile friendly format? Your best bet is to use Wochit to create a No Voice-Over video. Our formatting options allow you to create a 1×1 or 9×16 video and making it easy to add text overlays and effects.

The no voice-over work flow starts on the Home screen, then directly to the Timeline where you can search for media and add effects before producing your video.

Create a Video Without Voice-Over


  1. From the Home screen,  select the Without Voice-Over option and then click ‘Start New Video’ which will take you to the Timeline.


You can use the Search Media option to look through the media gallery to find videos and images to use in your project. To add media to your Timeline,  drag the images and videos from your Lightbox down to your Timeline.

Once you’ve added media to your Timeline its time to add text and effects! If you haven’t already, check out the Multi-lines, listicle and new Overlay options that are available now!

Preview Produce

When you’re done editing you can use the Preview and Produce button on the top right hand corner to grab a preview link and produce the HD version of your video.

Once produced, you’ll find the project on the Home page under Recently Produced and under the Produced tab.



Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen