Video with Voice Over

A video with a voice-over follows the path of Media Selection, record voice-over and finally Timeline.

Create a Video with Voice-Over

  1. From the Home screen, you will select the With Voice-Over option and then click ‘Start New Video’. This will take you to Media Selection.

Media Selection

In Media Selection, select the assets that you want to use in your video. For more information check out our articles on adding media to the lightbox, our different social integrations like Instagram and Twitter and how to upload your own content.

Add a Voice Over

We make it easy to add a voice-over narration with a couple of different options:

  1. Recording it yourself straight into your computer
  2. Uploading a file
  3. Wochit Voice-Over 

To add a Voice Over to your video:

  1. Add your script to the segment field. If you’d like to include a soundbite, or a break in the voice-over, type or paste in the first part of your script (until the soundbite) into the first segment box. 
  2.  Click on the + Add Segment button on the bottom of the screen, this will create a second segment box.
  3. Type the rest of your script into the segment box. By adding a second segment, you can place the soundbite between the two segments once you get to the Timeline. 
  4. Record the voice-over for the different segments by clicking on the Record button, uploading a MP3 file or click Send to Pro VO if the Wochit voice-over option has been enabled by your CSM.
  5. Once done recording, click Next.
    If your script was sent to one of our voice-over artist you will be taken back out to the Home screen to wait for it to be completed. Once done, it will be available under drafts and ready for the Timeline.


To add media to your Timeline, simply drag the images and videos from your Lightbox down to your Timeline.You can also use the Search Media button to return to the media gallery to find more assets.

Once you’ve added media to your Timeline its time to add text and effects! If you haven’t already, check out the Multi-lines, listicle and new Overlay options that are available now!

If you’ve added multiple segments to your voice-over you’ll notice a gap in the Timeline. Instead of being limited to one designated soundbite, we have the flexibility to play around with what video(s) OR image(s) we want to place there, and make changes to it as needed. Making it easy to, for example, add a narrated intro to a story followed by a photo slide show set to music.

If you decide to leave the segment break empty, Wochit will automatically mix the audio and add both segments together in your final video

Preview Produce

When you’re done editing you can use the Preview and Produce button on the top right hand corner to grab a preview link and produce the HD version of your video.

Once produced, you’ll find the project on the Home page under Recently Produced and under the Produced tab.



Wochit Voice-Over: Wochit has a team of voice-over artists waiting at the ready to record your video script. If you are using a Wochit VO (voice-over) production line confirm your script and send it to our team with a click of a button. You will be taken out to the Home screen, once the script has been completed it will be available under the timeline phase for editing.

Wochit Voice-Over Hours

  • Monday – Friday : 7AM-12AM EST
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8AM-8PM EST


Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen