Upload A Voice Over Track

From the Start New Video Menu:

  1. To upload a voice-over file into Wochit, first make sure you select a production line that allows for Self VO  by selecting it from the Production line drop down on the start new video page.
  2. Then, select ‘With Voice-Over’ and click Start New Video
  3. Collect media in your Lightbox in Media Selection, Then click Next
  4. If you’d like to include a soundbite, or an area of the Timeline without voice-over, type or paste in the first part of your script (until the soundbite) into the first segment box.
    If your Voice-Over does not include a soundbite, paste the script in the segment box and continue to step 7
  5.  Click on the + Add Segment button on the bottom of the screen, this will create a second segment box.
  6. Type the rest of your script into the segment box. By adding a second segment, you can place the soundbite between the two segments once you get to the Timeline.
  7. Upload the voice-over for the different segments by clicking on the Upload option next to the segment and finding the file on your computer.
  8. Once you’ve uploaded the Voice-over file for all of your segments, click Continue to Timeline
  9. If you’ve included multiple segments in your voice-over you will notice breaks in your Timeline where you can place videos or images without a voice-over.

Please Note: Only .WAV and .MP3 files are compatible with Wochit.

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen