Text Overlays


Text overlays like the Quote, Multi-line, Trivia and Listicle tool make it easy to add text on screen without having to format it every time like with Free Text. Much like our custom overlays, this new text option is a pre-formatted look (with some customizations available) created by our designers for all Wochit users. All you have to do is type in your text and click apply!

There are some limitations in combining text overlays and effects, to learn more click here.

NEW: Word-by-Word

This overlay splits text word by word and shows them one at time as seen on the above video. You can also highlight specific words using asterisks around a word (**like this**) and the text can also be displayed on the top, center or bottom of the screen with different options for the speed of the text.

Customizations include:

  • Text field: type all your text into one place — use asterisks around a word to highlight it in an alternate color
  • Toggle on or off Uppercase, Text shadow
  • Pause on First Word: keeps the first word on the screen for a moment longer to make a bigger impact.
  • Position: Bottom, Center, Top
  • Speed: Slow, Normal, Fast and Fit — Fit will evenly place the text so it fills the whole asset


A fast and easy way to add some bold text to your video! The Title can be used at the beginning of your video to give context, or it also works as a great way to break up a video into different sections. As with any of Wochit’s overlays, we can’t wait to see what creative ways you use it!

Customizations and options available for the Title tool listed below:

  • Text Field: Two text boxes allow you to enter a title and a subtitle. If you don’t need a subtitle just leave the second box free, or add a space to the box if you want to maintain the line underneath.
  • Presets: Currently we offer three title looks to accommodate different amounts of text and style,  simply click on the one you prefer to use!
  • Position: Decide where you want the title to lay on the asset
  • Background: Option to include a background on the whole image or just as a box around your text. The background by default is blue, however if you have previously worked with your CSM to customize your colors you will see one of your palette color used instead.


Whether you use it as a way to make your video more interactive, or countdown to a spoiler – the new Trivia tool is sure to be your new go to Wochit tool!

Customizations and options available for the trivia tool are below:

  • Text Field: Depending on the format of your quiz you will enter your question or answer here. To keep it simple, we recommend asking the question at the top of your video and using this field to input the Answer. You also have the option to keep this blank and use free text.
  • Timer: This field controls the countdown. The default is 10 seconds but for a social video you may want to bring that down to 3 or 4 seconds.
  • Timer Delay: Adjust this to delay the appearance of the countdown clock. To start the timer when the asset appears move it to 0. To have a question appear first, delay the timer by a few seconds.
  • Text Delay: Determine when the text appears on the screen. If you are using the text as the answer, you may want to delay the text till after the timer appears. So if the timer is set for 4 seconds set the text delay to 4 seconds.


The new listicle overlay is an easy way to create a quick social media friendly video for your audience. Whether its a list of top horror movies or a round-up of the news of the day it’s going to look great!

On the listicle input menu you have the option to:

  • Input the number for your countdown (or get creative and add a short word!)
  • Insert your text
  • Adjust the position (bottom, middle, top)
  • Change the animation time that the listicle appears, by selecting “full length animation” the text and number will appear for the duration of the asset.
  • Use the Enter key to create a line break and add **around** a word to highlight it in a third color. Speak to your CSM about customizing this option further.

Multi Lines

On the multi-lines input menu, you will see options to:

  • Choose the position of your text
  • Adjust the background opacity
  • Change your text to All Caps
  • Adjust the text color (if enabled)
  • Use the Enter key to create a line break and add **around** a word to highlight it in a third color. Speak to your CSM about customizing this option further.


The quote feature has a lot of different options for customization. On the input menu you have the option to:

  • Use the Middle or Side quote option (see above)
  • Insert quote text and name
  • Adjust the text size
  • Decide to use image as is, blurred, black & white or a combination of those options

Below are instructions on how to use the text overlay tools: 

  1. From the Timeline, open the asset you want to use your overlay on using the pencil icon
  2. Click on the Text icon in the top menu
  3. From the drop down menu, select the overlay you want to use on this asset
  4.  Add your text to the input field on the left
  5. As each overlay is made a little differently, the options available on the input field may vary. With the most common options being able to change the position of the overlay.
  6. Click Apply to return to the preview and see if any changes need to be made.
  7. If not, click Done to return to the Timeline.

A couple of notes on using text overlays:

  • Overlays are created on a per aspect ratio basis, so if you don’t see an overlay when you are working in a a different aspect ratio speak to your CSM about how we can help.
  • Text based overlays can also be combined with effects,  like the blur tool or image animation

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen