Free Text Overlays

Free text is by far the most flexible option for adding text to your video. With the freedom to customize the color, font, size, placement, timing and animation, there are endless combinations that will work for your content and audience. To begin I would like to provide you with a brief introduction to one of our newest features, Text Animation.

New! Text Animation Options

Those familiar with Free Text will know that we’ve had the option to customize the animation for your text boxes for a while. This new update addresses feedback we’ve heard from creators like you that would like to be able to select the in and out animation separately. On the text menu you will now see the option to choose the animation for how a text box animates in and out of the frame. From both drop downs you can select from a few options like Bounce, Word-by-Word, None and Auto.

After copying the same text box on to multiple videos or image on your Timeline you can select None to create the effect that the text box never left the screen. If you want to keep it simple you can also select an Animation from the IN menu and then choose Auto for the OUT animation. This will apply the complimentary exit animation to your text box automatically.

Continue reading to learn more about Free Text and what you can do with it!


Free Text Menu Guide

Font: Wochit provides several standard fonts for you to choose from. You can also speak to your CSM to add a custom font if needed
Toggle Case: Quickly change your text from lower case to sentence case
Color: You can use the menu to change the text color, shadow, or text box background, including the option to input a hex code to match your brand’s colors.

  • Text Color: Option to adjust the opacity of the text
  • Text Shadow: Change the opacity, angle, and distance or use one of the shadow presets
  • Text Background: Adjust the opacity of the text box background or use a gradient option behind text.
Formatting: Customize the justification of the text, indentation, and line spacing
  Free Text Grid: Adds a standard grid over your asset to help you place your text
  Text Style Templates: allow you to save and share a template for free text to make it faster and easier to put together videos with a consistent look.
Text Animations: allows you to choose the way in which your text animates in and out of the frame.
Align and Distribution Options: This new tool will help to improve the accuracy and simplicity of placing multiple text boxes on an asset.
Align: Orders all the text overlays according to the selected element.  Available when 2 or more text elements are seen on the asset.
Distribute: Sets the same vertical spaces between the text overlays. This option is only available when 3 or more text elements are on the asset.
  Timing of Free Text: Located below the asset preview, from here you can decide the order and timing of each text box on an asset


The Basics


  1. Hover over an asset on the Timeline
  2. Click the pencil icon to open the Asset Preview window
  3. Click the  T (Text) icon and then select Free Text
  4. Insert the text to be displayed and edit it using the Free Text menu
  5. Use the points on the box to re-size or move the text box
  6. Click Save to return to the Timeline

Control Free Text Overlay Timing

Free text timing is an easy way to add multiple text boxes on to one asset.

  1. Start by clicking the  T (Text) icon and then select Free text 
  2. Add another text box by clicking on the T+ icon on the top of the Edit image overlay
  3. As you continue to add new text boxes and place them on the image/ video,  bars will appear below the asset with the copy from your text boxes (as seen above)
  4. If you hover over the the different bars with your mouse blue handles will appear on either end
  5. Control the timing of each text box by clicking and dragging the blue handle of the corresponding bar to the desired time marker
  6. To help with timing out your text boxes click and drag on the pink scrubber to go through the video clipGet creative! With the ability to add up to 8 text overlays per asset.

Copy and Paste

We added a new button on each  text box to make it easier to copy and paste. Copy your text box with all formatting by using the button on the top right corner of the box, then to paste it on an asset simply right click and select Paste Text-Box.

To use the copy and paste feature:

  1. Add both assets to your Timeline
  2. Format the text box on your first asset
  3. Using the keyboard shortcut, or the copy icon to add the text box to your clipboard
  4. open the asset you want to paste the text on
  5. Use the keyboard shortcut or right click with your mouse and select paste to add the text box to the new asset.

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen