Free Text Overlays

Free text is by far the most flexible option for adding text to your video. With the freedom to customize the color, font, size, placement, timing and animation of your text there are endless customizations that will work for your content and audience.

You can create and use text overlays in both Voice-Over videos and No Voice Over videos. Customizations for Free-Text on Wochit include:

  • Font: Wochit provides a several fonts for you to create your video with, in addition to allowing you to change the font size and bold, italic or regular. Speak to your Wochit CSM if you need to add a custom font.
  • Colors: You can use the menu to change the text color, overlay or text box background color including the option to input a hex code to customize it further
  • Text Shadow: Includes 4 shadow presets to adjust the angle and depth of the shadow. In addition to the option to manually change the shadow opacity, angle and distance
  • Formatting: Customize the justification of the text, indentation, and line spacing
  • Toggle Case: Quickly change your text from lower case to sentence case
  • Timing of Free Text: Decide the order and timing of each text overlay on an asset
  • Free Text Grid – Which can help you place your text on the asset
  • Text Animations allow you to choose the way in which your free-text appears on the screen, including typewriter, zoom-in, left to right, top to bottom and no animation
  • Text Style Templates allow you to save and share a template for free text to make it faster and easier to put together videos with a consistent look.
  • Align and Distribution Options: This new tool will help to improve the accuracy and simplicity of placing multiple text boxes on an asset. The new Align and Distribute tool bar is available underneath the Basic Text Toolbox
    • Align: Orders all the visible text overlays according to the selected element.  Available when 2 or more text elements are seen on the asset. Bring all the text boxes to the left side or right side of the screen with the click of a button.
    • Distribute: Sets the same vertical spaces between the text overlays. This option is only available when 3 or more text elements are on the asset.

Basic Free Text Toolbox Map

The Basics


  1. Hover over an asset on the timeline.
  2. Click the pencil icon to open the Video Preview window to edit an asset.
  3. Click the  T (Text) icon and then select the Free Text option
  4. Insert the text to be displayed and edit it using the toolbox
  5. To extend the text box, drag the <-> button to the desired position
  6. Click anywhere outside the text box to validate the text
  7. Drag the text box to the desired position
  8. Click Save to return to the Timeline

Control Free Text Overlay Timing

Free text timing is an easy way to add multiple text boxes on one asset with different in and out points. A great tool if you are working with one piece of footage and you want your text boxes to appear over specific points or you want to put a caption effect on your video.

  1. Start by clicking the  T (Text) icon and then select the Free text option
  2. Add another text box by clicking on the T+ icon on the top of the Edit image overlay
  3. As you continue to add new text boxes and place them on the image/ video,  bars will appear below the asset with the copy from your text boxes (as seen above)
  4. If you hover over the the different bars with your mouse blue handles will appear on either end
  5. Control the timing of each text box by clicking and dragging the blue handle of the corresponding bar to the desired time marker
  6. To help with timing out your text boxes click and drag on the pink scrubber to go through the video clip
  7. Get creative! With the ability to add up to 8 text overlays per asset

Copy and Paste

Wochit now allows for the option to copy/paste your text boxes. You can copy a text box and paste it on the same asset, different assets, and even another story.

We added a new button on each free text box to make it easier to copy and paste. Copy the text box with all formatting using the button on the top right corner of the box, and then to paste it on an asset simply right click and select Paste Text-Box.

keyboard shortcuts – listed below for your convenience

  • Mac:
    • Copy: Command + C
    • Paste: Command + V
  • PC:
    • Copy: CTRL + C
    • Paste: CTRL + V

To use the copy and paste feature:

  1. Add both the assets to your Timeline
  2. Format the text box on your first asset
  3. Using the keyboard shortcut, copy the text to your clipboard
  4. Using the arrows on the left and right hand side of the Edit Image overlay, move to the asset you want to paste the text on
  5. Using the keyboard shortcut, paste the text on the new asset

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen