Step 2: Voice-Over

If you’re creating a video with voice-over the next step is to record it (or have our team do it for you).

Videos with voice-over narration can add another level to your video, allowing viewers to absorb more of the story and being able to reach a wider audience.

Add a Voice Over

We make it easy to add a voice-over narration with a couple of different options:

  1. Recording it yourself straight into your computer
  2. Uploading a file
  3. Wochit Voice-Over 

To add a Voice Over to your video:

  1. Add your script to the segment field. If you’d like to include a soundbite, or a break in the voice-over, type or paste in the first part of your script (until the soundbite) into the first segment box. 
  2.  Click on the + Add Segment button on the bottom of the screen, this will create a second segment box.
  3. Type the rest of your script into the segment box. By adding a second segment, you can place the soundbite between the two segments once you get to the Timeline. 
  4. Record the voice-over for the different segments by clicking on the Record button, uploading a MP3 file or click Send to Pro VO if the Wochit voice-over option has been enabled by your CSM. 
  5. Once done recording, click Next.
    If your script was sent to one of our voice-over artist you will be taken back out to the Home screen to wait for it to be completed. Once done, it will be available under drafts and ready for the Timeline.


Text Only Videos are good for social formats – allowing you to tell your story using text-overlays and custom animation.

Creating a video with just text on screen and no voice-over can be a lot faster, and can also be done in most production lines. For text only videos you will be take directly to the Timeline after starting a video.


Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen