Step 1: Media Selection Overview

The Wochit Media Library is constantly updated with content sourced from our media partners including Getty, AP, Bloomberg, and Reuters. As a Wochit user, we propagate the right to use the media from our gallery in your videos.

Wochit also enables you to bring in media from your desktop or Youtube, create Infographics (Maps, Website snapshot, and business data), and use up to the minute tweets in your video through our social integration with Twitter.

The Media Library is made up of a couple different elements that help you gather and organize assets for your video.

The Lightbox: The Lightbox is where all the assets you’ve selected for your story are collected. You’ll notice it across the top of the Media Library when you are creating a video with voice-over. The number attached to the icon indicates the number of assets collected so far. Once you add assets from the Library you’ll notice them in your Lightbox.

Media Search: The Media Search tab located on the center right of the screen is the full Wochit Media Library. From here you can search for media using keywords to add videos, images, Tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and GIFs! Sort them by recency or relevance, Editorial or Creative, Videos or Images and also filter content from our different media sources, date taken or resolution.

Story Based Search: If you’re creating a video to go along with an article you already published the Suggested Media tab located on the top left of the screen is a useful tool. Paste a URL and press Go! and Wochit will scrap the story for relevant keywords to pull together assets that could be helpful in putting together your story.

My Uploads: My Uploads is where to go to add your own media to your Wochit video. You can either upload it from your computer or use a YouTube link to import a clip. You can also use My Uploads to add infographics to your video. Click on Add New Media under My Uploads to try it out!

When you’re done return to the Timeline with the X in the top right corner. Or in a video with voice-over click next.


Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen