Choosing the Right Production Line


Production Lines or Programmers in Wochit are used to distinguish different customizations Wochit has created under your account. You may also think of them as the way you distinguish between different themes in Wochit.

  1. You can access these different lines on Home screen when you first enter Wochit.
  2. Select the right production line from the drop down menu under the Make a Video menu before you start your video.

It is very important to choose the proper production line before you start to work on your video, once you begin there is no way to go back and open it with another production line without producing it and then taking it back.

Did you know, Wochit has an option under the settings menu to change your default production line? Just go to settings under the Wochit menu and select your default production line under General Settings.

If you’ve already started your video and you’re not sure what production line you are working in you can check by clicking on Edit Info. On the overlay under ‘Additional Info’ you can find the production line and Wochit video ID number for your project. 

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen