Ready to Publish

Every day the video creators at Wochit create 100’s of videos which are available for you to use! In addition to some evergreen content,  If it’s national or international news chances are we have already created a video on it which can give you a major head start on getting a video on your site.


  1. From the Home screen, click Discover on the top menu
  2. Enter a keyword in the search bar or simply browse through the most recent videos under the Ready to Publish section. You can also filter for No voice-over by using the filter icon next to the searchbar
  3. To preview a video to see if it works for you, click on it to open the preview window
  4. Once you’ve watched it to determine whether you can use it click on the full preview to bring up the edit and produce options.
  5. This menu will give you information on the video like the date made and the length, and allow you to either Duplicate & Edit or Produce with My Branding 
    •  Produce with My Branding: This is by far the quickest option, by selecting this option Wochit will reproduce the selected video and reformat it to include any custom graphics that are on your production line like your logo bug and closer. All text, voice-over, and content will remain the same but with your branded elements.
    • Duplicate & Edit: Allows you to take the video back to the Timeline to make adjustments before producing. Once on the Timeline, you can make adjustments to the voice-over by sending it back a step or remove it completely by converting it to a no voice-over video.

To Remove the voice-over from a video:

You will see the option to convert your video to VO (or No VO) under the hamburger menu button on the top right corner of the screen. When converting to a VO video you will take the video back to Media Selection, click Next to enter your script and either record it yourself or send it to our Professional Voice-Over team (Pro VO).

When converting a project from VO to No VO you will remain on the Timeline stage with the script and voice-over removed.



Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen