Social Integration: Twitter

Social Integration: Twitter


We now make it easier than ever to find and include tweets in a video friendly format.
You can start your search with a keyword or try one of the more advance options if you’re looking for a specific user or hashtag.

From Media Selection,

  1. Right underneath the search bar, you will notice the different category buckets ( ‘Videos’, ‘Images’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram’) click on ‘Twitter’
  2. The first time you use the social feature you will be asked to login to your Twitter account, a second window will open asking you for permissions, complete this step
    No Twitter account information is used in your video, it is only used to access the Twitter platform so feel free to use a personal account for access.
  3. Use the search bar to look through Twitter for relevant content using keywords
  4. Click on the tweet to open a full sized preview
  5. To add it to the Lightbox, click on ‘Add to Lightbox’ on the bottom of the Tweet Preview window

Advanced Tip: This is a great option if you want to include reactions to events both local and international! Follow the link for useful search terms to harness this exciting new feature: Twitter Search Tips

To search for tweets that include an image, type in: ‘your search term filter:media

For Example: puppy filter:verified

Wochit has been working closely with Twitter in designing the way tweets are displayed on Wochit and the use of video containing a tweet with text or image created in Wochit is in accordance with theTwitter API Developer Agreement & Policy

To de-link your Twitter account from Wochit go to: and revoke the permissions for WochitApp. 

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

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