Before You Create A Video

Wochit offers three options to start your video: Instant Videos, Story Based Search, and Media Search.

If this is your first foray into video creation, you may be asking yourself – where do I start? Not to worry – we are here to help with some video best practices.

Let’s start off by making a plan before we jump in (unless thats your thing, in which case, go for it!).  Here are a few questions to think about before beginning:

  • What is my video about?

For your first video with Wochit, have a general idea in mind of the main points of your story and the message you want to convey . A great way is to start with a written article in hand that you plan on converting into a video.

With that in mind, keep your title or intro short, 60 characters or less. Don’t give the whole story away! Entice the viewer to learn more about the headline. Leave a little mystery.

Do Don’t
  • Who is my audience?

Who are you writing for? This may seem like an easy question, but the audience you reach with a video on social media may not behave the same as loyal visitors to your site.

Remember that the same writing style that works for an article is not always going to work in video. Practice achieving a balance of your brand’s unique tone and language while also adapting the message for short-form video.

Wochit has a lot of great features you should try out… just maybe not all at once. Stick to a style guide for your videos and try not to overwhelm your audience with too much text or animations. It will make it faster for you and insure that your audience doesn’t get too overwhelmed by your delivery that they miss the message of your video.

Do Don’t
  • How long do I want my video to be?

The most successful videos we see in terms of completion are around 45-60 seconds. Keeping in mind that the average person reads at about 300 words a minute, we have an idea of how long our script should be.

Make sure you give your viewers enough time to read the text on screen. Read through it yourself and have someone else take a look, remember they are seeing this for the first time and will need more time to take it in.

Do Don’t


  • Do I want my video to have a Voice-over?

We have seen a huge shift towards videos without a voice-over, letting the text-on-screen steal the show. That is not to say that Voice-Over videos don’t have their place, but you can reach a wider audience – especially on social – by investing time on engaging text overlays using our free text, and other text overlay features.

Whether you plan on having a voice-over or not, put together a little ‘script’ or outline before you start working on your video. Think about the types of videos and images you’ll need, so you can efficiently select assets in Media Selection. This also makes the creation of you text overlays a quick process because you already know exactly what you want to say.

Here is a deeper look at two types of videos, the Listicle and News Video:

  • News Video

    If you are converting a written article into a video, try simplifying and summarizing. Organize your source material into 4-5 points, including an introduction, a few bullet points, and a conclusion.

    Introduction: Hook the audience with your thesis: what is this video about? What are you telling the audience and what thoughts or action items will they come away with after watching the video?

    Pair this introduction with a video or image that captures the audience’s attention, like an action shot. You only have a few seconds as your audience is scrolling down their social feed to capture their attention.

    Body:  Get your voice across while also keeping it quick and to the point. Don’t confuse your audience by attempting to cram in too much information. Remember, we’re aiming for this video to be around 60 seconds.

    The visuals in your video should help to reinforce the message of your text. Mention a world leader? Include a picture of him. Even if you only have a few clips or images that work, you can still create a compelling video by focusing on the message as a whole.

    Conclusion: What should your audience take away from this? There should be a strong take-away so your audience feels invested and intrigued enough to learn more. Use your conclusion as a call to action to get your viewers to read more, follow or share your video.

  • Listicle

    A listicle is one of the easiest videos to create and great for a first-time Wochit user. Top 5 Baby names, news stories, celebrity couples – the people want to know! Use free text or the Wochit Listicle overlay to make creating these videos quick and easy.

    Introduction: What is this video about? What are we telling the audience here and what will they come away with after watching the video?

    Pair this introduction with a video or image that captures the audience’s attention, like an action shot. You only have a few seconds as your audience is scrolling down their social feed to capture them and get them to watch your video.

    Listicle Body: With any listicle we recommend starting from the top and counting down, from 5-1 for example. This helps manage the expectations of your audience and doesn’t leave them wondering, ‘how much longer till the big finale?’ We recommend you stick to 3 or 5 points, so as not to bore the viewer.

    The visuals should help reinforce the message of your text. Mention a world leader? Include a picture of them. You want each point to have a different video or image to keep the audience engaged and excited for what’s next!

    Conclusion: Create a call-to-action.  Did you take this from a longer list or article? Add a CTA so your audience can find more information or find more content like this. Or, use it as a time to express your voice, add a joke and a gif, make it fun!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • When in doubt: cut, cut, cut! Your script that is. Social videos do best with memorable and direct lines, not meandering sentences. Try to make every sentence count!
  • Avoid unnecessary long words. If there’s a way to say it simply, say it!
  • Make sure you’re speaking to your audience, on each respective platform. Will they understand everything? Is it relevant to them?
  • Get feedback! Wochit makes it easy to get feedback when your video is created. Pass it by your colleagues and make sure it’s a hit before you produce!
  • Have fun! We hope video creation with Wochit is a creative and fun process for all. Use the tools we have to make your video unique and ask your CSM if you ever have any questions. We are here to help!



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