Free Text Styles


The new text style tool allows you to set up templates for Free Text which you can share with your team.

Have a certain look you want creators to use for Hard News or Celebrity Style?

Format the fonts, colors, size, animation, and position of text your team should be using for different stories, save them as a template, and your team can easily look to them for approved combinations for different types of stories.

Look at this new tool as an in-platform style guide for yourself and your team, making it easier and faster to create on-brand videos.

Creating a Style Template

  1. Format your text-box using the font, size, colors, and placement you want.
    Be sure to include everything thats acceptable for this type of story
    Do you use bold or italic to highlight certain words? Different colors? What about position for the text box on the screen? Include all the acceptable formats in your demo text
  2.  When you’re done formatting click ‘ + Add a new text style’ located under the text toolbox on the right side of your screen
  3. Add details about your new template:
    • Give your text style a title
    • Use the slider next to the title to decide whether this style should be saved just for you or the whole team
    • Check ‘position’ if you want the Text Style template to save the position of the text box, if selected the text-box will default to that position but can be moved around
    • Click save

Now when you move on to the next image or video on your timeline, and on to your next Wochit video, you will see a drop down with the saved text styles. If you opted to share template with the whole team they will see it under the Free Text Toolbar next time they login.



Using a Style Template

  1. Open an asset on your Timeline using the pencil icon
  2. Open Free-Text
  3. On the right hand side of the screen, click on the Style Template you will be using for this video from the menu located below the Free Text tool box
  4. Once you click on it,  you will see a list of available text styles for this template, click on one to start inputing your text
  5. To use a different style within that template, to change the color of a word for example, simply select the text you want to change in your text-box and then select the style from the list
  6. The selected text will switch over to the new style

Edit Text Style Templates

On the the Text Style menu you will see an Edit option across the top. Click on that to manage the text style templates you’ve created. Including the option to:

  1. Delete existing templates
  2. Change a template from Personal to Team access


Need more information on using Free Text? Check out this article for an overview



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