Effect and Text Overlay Combinations

Limitations in Effect and Text Overlay Combinations

Wochit’s asset editor allows for a lot of flexibility in customizing your assets, with one of the most exciting being the ability to combine different effects with text overlays. However, it does have some limitations, this article explains why you might hit a snag and how to fix it!

When trying to combine effects with certain text overlays you will get a warning that “Visual effects included in this preset may be hidden”.

It is important to note that Wochit only allows for one Effect and one Custom Text Overlay (multi-line, quote, etc.) on each asset. Some text overlays contain options for effects, like the ability to change the color of the background. Although, it lives with the text overlay it is still considered an effect and the one per asset rule still applies.

To manage this, any effects added from the Effects Menu will override the settings selected in the Text Overlay input fields.

For example, let’s say you’ve added image animations from the effects menu, and then you add a quote overlay from the Text menu. Any optional effects selected on the Quote Input Field, like Blur background or B&W background, will be cancelled with only the image animation effect appearing.

To Remove an Effect from an Asset: 

  1. Open the asset on your Timeline using the Pencil icon in the toolbar
  2. On the left hand side of the asset preview you should see a list of all customizations made to the asset.
  3. To delete an effect (or any other customization)  hover over the effect on the list with your mouse
  4. You’ll notice the edit pencil and trashcan icon appear, click on the trashcan to remove the effect from the asset
  5. Click Done to return to the Timeline


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