Custom Text Overlays

Custom Overlays are an exciting option that Wochit provides. Far and beyond the basic graphics package, we work with you to replicate or create text overlays and effects that are completely customized to fit your style guide. Speak to your Customer Success Manager for more details about getting your team set up with your own custom overlays!



Below are instructions for users who already have custom overlays created and where to find them in Wochit.

  1. From the Timeline, open the asset you want to use your overlay on using the pencil icon
  2. Most overlays are text based, to find them, click on the Text icon in the top menu
  3. From the drop down menu, select the overlay you want to use on this asset
  4.  Add your text to the input field on the left
  5. As each custom overlay is made to fit the needs of each client, the options available on the input field may vary. With the two most common options being position and color of the text. Speak to your CSM if you have any questions.
  6. Click Apply to return to the preview and see if any changes need to be made.
  7. If not, click Done to return to the Timeline.

A couple of notes on using custom overlays:

  • overlays are created on a per aspect ratio basis, so if you need the overlays for more than the 16×9 format you should specify that to your Customer Success Manager.
  • Only one text based custom overlay can be used on a single asset, but you can use it along side Free Text.
  • Text based overlays can also be combined with effects, like the blur tool or image animation

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