Article to Video Chrome Extension

The Article to Video Chrome extension is a fast way to send an article you’re reading online to Wochit. Once sent, Wochit will start to pull together relevant images and videos under the Story Based Search option so you can just login and get right to it! This is also a great way for a manager or editorial lead to send articles to Wochit so the team can start working on them.

To get started, you need to add the ArticletoVideo Extension to your browser from the Chrome Web Store.

  1. Go to: and click on Add to Chrome next to the ArticletoVideo extension
  2. Then on the pop-up click, Add Extension to continue
  3. Once done installing you will see the Wochit icon in the top right corner of your browser

Please note: If you have a previous version of the extension installed you will need to remove it before installing the new one. To remove an extension go to:  chrome://extensions/ in your browser


To use the ArticletoVideo Extension:

  1. Once you find an article you’d like to make a video about click on the Wochit logo in your Chrome browser
  2. On the drop down that appears click on Send to Wochit — you also have the option to change the production line and add a comment for your team here
  3. Once the video has been processed you will get a notification on the extension that the story is ready in Wochit
  4. Click on the link to open Wochit and get started on adding media to your light box OR If you’re already logged in to Wochit you will see the stories appear under Drafts in your account when it’s ready

Please note: the video will automatically appear as a Voice-Over video.To switch it to a No Voice Over video click on the menu in the top right corner and select the option to change it over. 




Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen