Add Subtitles to a Video

If you are working on a video with a voice-over you can add subtitles by clicking toggle ‘CC’ button found at the mid-right of the Timeline page. Once the button turns green , you will be able to see the subtitles when you click ‘Preview & Produce My Video. 


Wochit allows you to add Sound bites to your story which can be ideal when you’re including a speech or press conference footage in your video.


          1. Open the image on the Timeline using the pencil icon
          2. Click on the Text option on the top menu
          3. Then click on Subtitles
          4. Insert the text to be displayed on the notepad found on the right
          5. Hit Apply to preview the asset with the subtitles
          6. Then click Done to return to the Timeline


Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen