Add/ Remove Credit or Super Text

A Super is a formatted text overlay that can be customized per production line and allows for 2 lines of text. They can be used to introduce a persons name and title to give context to a video or image asset. A Credit is very similar to the Super, however it only allows for 1 line of text.

Add a Super or Credit


  1. Open the image or video clip on the Timeline using the pencil icon
  2. Click on the Text option on the top menu
  3. Then click on Credit or Super
  4. Insert the text to be displayed
  5. By default, the credit will be placed on the top right hand corner.
  6. You can choose to move it to either one of the four corners of the screen by clicking on one of these options: 
  7. Hit Apply to preview the new look
  8. Then click Done to return to the Timeline

Remove a Super or Credit 

If you’ve changed your mind and would like to delete a Credit or Super that you’ve added to the asset:

  1. Open the image on the Timeline using the pencil icon
  2. On the left hand side of the preview you’ll see a list of features currently being used on the asset. Hover over one you want to delete
  3. Click on the trashcan icon next to the feature to delete it
  4. Click Done to return to the Timeline

Video creation isn’t available through mobile

See you on the big screen