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Wochit lets you effortlessly maximize the potential of video storytelling, transforming every aspect of your organization and amplifying your cause.

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    Grow your cause awareness and impact with exponential views and engagement

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    Reach more people with simple tools for creating across formats, channels, and languages

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    Get proven returns with increased donations, cost efficiency, and savings

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    Stay on brand, every time, with your mission the hero of every video

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    Stay trending with unlimited, real-time access to the latest source content in our immense pre-licensed library

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Powerful for professionals, easy for everyone

Wochit delivers enterprise-grade technology with a fully flexible and intuitive user experience that can be customized for your team and optimized for your audience.

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    Create on-brand video storytelling from scratch, in minutes.

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    Turn one-off videos into recurring video series with unlimited branded video templates.

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    Unlock video communication across your entire organization.

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    Our service teams will help you drive success every step of the way.

Powerful for professionals, easy for everyone

Wochit delivers enterprise-grade technology with a fully flexible and intuitive user experience that can be customized for your team and optimized for your audience.

  • Social media and marketing
  • Breaking news communications
  • Donor relations
  • Special drives / events
  • Localized mission messaging
  • Internal communications
  • Learning and development
  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • and more

FAO Spain - Thank you video

WFP - 6 things to know

WWF - 5 facts about snow leopards


With effective partnerships, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is working to mitigate the effects of climate change.

World Food Programme

Governments all over the world are investing in the health and nutrition of children, making them more healthy and much more able to learn

On Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s 86th birthday,  Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams wanted to honor her by naming the Brooklyn Municipal Building in her honor. Over 90,000 people have signed his petition.

Amnesty International

The Nobel Prize has captivated the world ever since Alfred Nobel created the award. This year’s nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize are given a brief intro here – what a scroll-stopper of a video this is!

Amnesty International Norway

What better way to stop someone’s endless scroll on our social media feeds than with ominous foghorns and flashing warning lights? Amnesty Norway sure knows their way around millennial psychology – and they’ve put it to good use here.

Boosting Awareness for a Global NGO

Independent 3rd party review of Wochit implementation at a major NGO.

Transform your content workflow and output

Here are a few examples of how cost, effort, and returns change with Wochit.

Before Wochit
After Wochit
  • Savings
    Before Wochit

    Videos expensive to produce, requiring professional videographers and editors using high-end video production tools and software

    After Wochit

    Met needs more effectively than three professional communications professionals could, saving minimally $180k per year

  • Production
    Before Wochit

    Production was labor-intensive and time-consuming with each video taking weeks or even months

    After Wochit
    • Increased video production for social media from <10 high-quality video to 900 per year
    • Enabled remote country offices to respond to local events, raising awareness and supporting donation-based funding
    • Eliminated bottleneck for getting communications out by empowering local staff to produce their own video content
    • Empowered staff with no professional video experience to produce quality, branded videos
  • Speed
    Before Wochit

    Expensive and time-consuming to translate videos

    After Wochit

    Wochit enabled videos to be translated into multiple languages programmatically – eliminating the need for translators

  • Ease of use
    Before Wochit

    Lost opportunities to raise awareness about work being done in the field or issues affecting people living there

    After Wochit

    Wochit enabled staffers to upload video footage to headquarters through their mobile devices within hours

  • Compliance
    Before Wochit

    Videos didn’t speak to the reality on the ground for many of the 80+ country offices; branding was off and non-compliant

    After Wochit

    Wochit provided consistent branding of videos across 6 regions and more than 80 offices, ensuring compliance with communication standards across the globe

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