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Wochit delivers enterprise-grade technology with a fully flexible and intuitive user experience that can be customized for your team and optimized for your audience.

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The possibilities with Wochit are limitless

We believe anyone can become a video creator and help drive business. Imagine using video for:

  • Social media and marketing
  • Editorial and breaking news coverage
  • Podcast promotion
  • Red carpet events coverage
  • Recurring video series
  • Subscriber acquisition and retention
  • Internal communications
  • Investor relations
  • Learning and development
  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • Localized and data advertising
  • and more

Tupperware - CBS

Kendall Jenner - MTV IT

Eurosport - Barcelona


With effective partnerships, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is working to mitigate the effects of climate change.

World Food Programme

Governments all over the world are investing in the health and nutrition of children, making them more healthy and much more able to learn


Get your front-row seat and check out the red carpet looks artists at the MTV EMA 2019

Amnesty International

The Nobel Prize has captivated the world ever since Alfred Nobel created the award. This year’s nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize are given a brief intro here – what a scroll-stopper of a video this is!


Another beautiful example that is sure to stand out amongst those static images and long professional-growth essays on LinkedIn. Surely there can be no such thing as having too many leads?

Routard Travel

If you haven’t been to South America, you’re seriously missing out. Here, Routard has compiled the top 20 sites you need to see before you die. Don’t forget to pack your Routard Travel Guide!

On Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s 86th birthday,  Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams wanted to honor her by naming the Brooklyn Municipal Building in her honor. Over 90,000 people have signed his petition.

Transform your content workflow and output

Here are a few examples of how cost, effort, and returns change with Wochit.

Before Wochit
After Wochit
  • Production
    Before Wochit

    Produced 20 articles and 5 videos per day

    After Wochit

    400% production increase to 80-90 videos produced per day

  • Engagement
    Before Wochit

    Article to video ratio was 2-5:1

    After Wochit

    Achieved a 1:1 ratio of articles to videos, resulting in higher engagement, click throughs, and higher Google search ranking

  • Ease of use
    Before Wochit

    Only trained creators could create videos

    After Wochit

    Anyone can now create videos with Wochit, more videos are created

  • Speed
    Before Wochit

    4 hours to produce a video with traditional video editing software

    After Wochit

    30 minutes to produce a 35 second video. An 800% improvement in productivity

  • Efficiency
    Before Wochit

    Each video features seven to eight photos at a cost of approximately €4 per photo.

    After Wochit

    €811,200 estimated annual savings on content licensing/purchase + access to immense content libraries

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