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Expand your audience and empower your employees with the most complete and intuitive video storytelling suite.

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Find out why some of the biggest brands already use Wochit to connect with their audience every day.

So many ways to benefit

Wochit lets you effortlessly maximize the potential of video storytelling, transforming every aspect of your business along the way.

  • Branding

    Stay on brand, every time, with your organization’s branding the hero of every video

  • Leads

    Generate more leads with more engaging content across channels

  • Reach

    Reach more people with simple tools for creating across formats and channels in multiple languages

  • Returns

    Get proven returns with increased revenue, cost efficiency, and savings

  • Content

    Seamlessly connect your own brand assets and stay trending with unlimited use of the latest, pre-licensed source content

  • Ease

    Empower your team with professional tools anyone can master

  • Speed

    Harness the power and speed of our enterprise-grade technology

  • Service

    Get expert support that ensures your team succeeds

  • Experience

    Gain a partner you can trust with your mission and your audience

Powerful for professionals, easy for everyone

Wochit delivers enterprise-grade technology with a fully flexible and intuitive user experience that can be customized for your team and optimized for your audience.

  • Create

    Create on-brand video storytelling from scratch, in minutes.

  • Scale

    Turn one-off videos into recurring video series with unlimited branded video templates.

  • Streamline

    Unlock video communication across your entire organization.

  • Succeed

    Our service teams will help you drive success every step of the way.

The possibilities with Wochit are limitless

We believe anyone can become a video creator and help drive business. Imagine using video for:

  • Social media and marketing
  • Corporate communications
  • Customer communications
  • Product marketing
  • Internal communications
  • Investor relations
  • Learning and development
  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • Events coverage
  • Localized advertising
  • and more

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Transform your content workflow and output

Here are a few examples of how cost, effort, and returns change with Wochit.

Before Wochit
After Wochit
  • Savings
    Before Wochit

    Video a small part of the marketing mix due to high production costs ($15,000 per video)

    After Wochit
    • 97% reduction in average production cost (from $15k to $400/video on avg.)
    • Total reach increased over 200%
    • Total number of social media posts increased 300%
  • Compliance
    Before Wochit

    30-40% of global marketing material across 80 countries was not brand compliant, tarnishing the brand, and negatively affecting sales

    After Wochit

    Reduced brand non-compliance from 30-40% to virtually Zero

  • Automation
    Before Wochit

    Localization of the marketing message is key to this enterprise’s offering (real estate)

    After Wochit

    Wochit enabled the Global Digital Marketing team to create templates for local offices use so they are brand compliant with localized multilingual messaging

  • Integration
    Before Wochit

    Disjointed production hubs with little coordination, excessive monitoring, and revisioning.

    After Wochit

    Enterprise-grade solution: Discrete team sandbox environments; single sign on; custom workflow for content approvals; client privacy (NDA) compliance; customized materials, training sessions, frequent release of new capabilities

  • Speed
    Before Wochit

    Needed to overcome hurdle of non-video experts being able to create high quality on-brand video

    After Wochit

    Able to onboard additional local team members and turn them into professional video storytellers in a matter of weeks

  • Engagement
    Before Wochit

    Email open rates were not high and forward rates were low.

    After Wochit

    Email open rates are 50-60% higher. Nearly 100% growth in engagement by shares.

  • Revenue
    Before Wochit

    Goal is to increase subscriptions to company publications through ongoing communications/engagement

    After Wochit

    2,900% increase in click-throughs; Total engagement across all platforms has increased 100%; Number of followers has increased 70%

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