Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  1. Who is Wochit for?

    Wochit is a video creation platform for companies that value the power of video in engaging and expanding their audiences. Our customers include media publishers, agencies and brands. Our creators span from video editors to content marketers, web editors to social media managers.
    Whether creating for the website or to social networks, Wochit is the perfect tool for creation of short-form videos. While at this time we’re not built to cater to individual creators, they are welcome to learn more about how to create audience-capturing video from our blog and social video ebook.

  2. What do you mean by creating videos at scale?

    Wochit quickest ROI is achieved by companies creating (or plan to create) at least 2-3 videos a day. With Wochit, videos are created easily even by team members who don’t have experience in video creation, so your video strategy can be implemented without investing extra resources in special equipment or personnel. Check out our case studies page to see how other teams implemented a successful video strategy – at scale.

  3. Do I need to hire a video editor to use Wochit?

    With Wochit anyone can make video.  We have worked hard (and continue to) so that the entire video creation process would be as intuitive as possible. A user-friendly video editor, built-in media library, and automation tools all make a video creation platform that anyone can use.

  4. How much does it cost to make videos with Wochit?

    With great features like an advanced but still easy-to-use video editor, a huge library of licensed media assets (rights cleared of course) and automated video creation technology, you’d think signing up to make videos with Wochit would be very expensive but it isn’t. If your goal is to publish videos at scale, contact us to discuss our available packages.


  1. Is content included in the platform?

    Wochit has pre-cleared partnerships with several world-class content providers including Getty, Reuters, Associated Press, WENN, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. All of these media assets are updated in real time within the platform. You are also welcome to upload your own media and use it in the videos you make.

  2. Can I upload my own media? What type of files are accepted?

    Yes! You may upload as many images and videos as you wish into your own Wochit gallery (provided that you own them or have rights to them). Any file under 1 GB should work. Once you’ve uploaded media to your gallery you can add it to any video you create, during the video editing stage, with a click of a button.

  3. Is the media I upload available also for my team?

    Any media you upload to your gallery is available for all creators on your production line, and to them alone. You can add your uploaded images and footage to any video during the video editing stage by clicking the “My gallery” tab within the Wochit media library.

  4. Can I create a video in any language?

    Yes. Wochit offers plenty of available fonts, images and footage from around the world to use in your videos. Regarding voice over, If you can speak it, you can record it. Additionally, our narration recorder allows you to record your voice over in whichever language you speak.

  5. Do you offer narration services?

    Our video editor includes a voice over recorder which you can use if you want to add a personal touch to your videos and integrate your own voice into the mix. In addition, we offer a professional voice over service. Just write down the script and a professional voiceover will be sent right back to you.


  1. Can I use licensed media from the Wochit library elsewhere?

    Our main goal is to provide our users with all the tools you need to make professional videos. Knowing that having great media assets is a big part of making a quality video, we’ve partnered up with the top licensed content & stock photo agencies in the world – Getty Images, WENN, AP, AFP, Reuters, and more. We pre-clear and manage the rights to make sure you have all the content you need in one place – our huge media library. Please note that it goes against the terms and conditions of our platform to use these media assets anywhere other than your Wochit videos.

  2. Do I need to download or install the video editor on my computer?

    Nope. Wochit is an online video creation platform, that can be used collaboratively by anyone on your team with an internet connection and a Google Chrome browser.

  3. How do I share the video I made?

    It’s not only easy to make videos with Wochit, sharing them across the web once you’re done is just as intuitive and you can do it right from within the platform! Once you finish the video editing and publish your video, you can download it or share directly to social.