Wochit certifications

Certified Creator

Certified Wochit Creator is anyone who created more than 100 Wochit videos. These creators are experts in social and web videos and usually responsible for tons of views and shares.

Certified Master Creator

Wochit Certified Master Creator is anyone who created more than 500 Wochit videos. These prolific creators are masters in social and web videos and are a true asset to any publisher.

  • What are the Wochit certification badges?

    The Wochit Certified Creator and Wochit Certified Master Creator badges are certifications that serve to acknowledge and celebrate the milestone of video creators that have created over 100 or 500 videos (respectively) using the Wochit platform. These badges mean that these creators are not only proficient in creating videos, but have the tenacity and creative juices to create them at scale. Now that is a skill worth having these days!

  • Who can be certified?

    If you are a video creator from any publication that uses the Wochit platform, you are definitely in the running to get certified. So what are you waiting for – get creating!

  • How long is the certification valid for?

    There is no expiry date for your Wochit certification. In fact, with more videos created, you get closer to the next badge milestone. Create more videos to earn more badges!

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