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4 Things media CEOs need to know about social video in 2017

4 things media CEOs need to know about social video in 2017

Video is widely understood to now be the core content on social media. Even so, some publishers and their leaders remain reluctant to fully commit to social video. Whether that speaks to you directly or your social teams already have your support in exploring video opportunities, 2017 is shaping up to be the year to pull out all the stops.Read More

Facebook introduces mid-roll video ads: How should it affect your videos?

Facebook introduces mid-roll video ads

Earlier this month, Recode first reported that Facebook will soon begin testing mid-roll video ads. Publishers will have the option to place ads within their social videos. The ad revenue will be split between the platform and the publisher, with Facebook selling the ads at the outset. For many publishers, this new ad format could mark the first opportunity to make revenue off of all the video content they’ve been pushing on Facebook.Read More

Looking to increase your organic traffic? Video SEO best practices that any publisher should know

Increase organic traffic through video SEO

Video has become the foundation for social media, but it’s presence and importance stretches far beyond social networks. Video helps bring people to publishers’ websites and can keep them coming back, which is crucial for keeping ad revenue flowing. To get the most from video outside of social, it needs to be central to your SEO efforts. Read More

Want more traffic to your site? Try Facebook’s built-in video CTA

How to use Video CTA on Facebook

We all know that calls-to-action (CTAs) are an important part of social video. What do you want your viewers to do next? Share your video? Follow your page? Go to your website? A CTA is a great way to prompt your audience’s next step.

While CTAs are good for all kinds of actions, as noted, they are especially critical for publishers who want to drive traffic back to their own websites. A CTA designed with this goal is, naturally, much more effective if your viewer can simply click on the prompt. There was a time when clickable CTAs were not available on Facebook, but those times have changed.Read More

Wochit has a new partner in

Today, we’re pleased to announce a partnership with the world’s largest platform for social change, With Wochit’s platform, they are pursuing a strategy to increase social impact through online video. has begun implementing Wochit to create content for their audiences in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Indonesia, and the United States, with more to follow. Read More

Why are short-form videos so effective on social?

short-form video

As video became the leading form of content on social media, you may have noticed that the videos popping up in your feeds got shorter and shorter. This isn’t by design of the social networks (although platforms like Instagram and Snapchat do restrict video length) – rather, it’s the result of short-form video having consistently proved to be better performing than long clips on social.Read More

So what is a social video?

“Social video” is the topic du jour for publishers, brands, marketers, and anyone else looking to find success on social media. Social video has grown enormously in popularity and volume over the last two years. Video is now the most popular of content on social media, and the most effective for driving engagement and growing audiences.

But none of that really answers the question: what is a social video?Read More

Introducing the Publisher’s Guide to Social Video 2016

Today we are pleased to share The Complete Guide to Social Video 2016.  Video has become the most popular and powerful type of content on social. Media companies and publishers of all sizes know that a smart video strategy has to be the foundation of social success. Our feeds are flooded daily with social videos, each vying for our attention in an effort to gain followers, grow audiences, and raise awareness.

Read More

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