Discover why leading media brands make videos with Wochit

News website in France increased its video views by 50x

L’Opinion is a daily newspaper and digital brand for French politics and business. Using the Wochit platform, a single creator in L’Opinion published 2.5x more videos per day. The license-cleared media library and the easy-to-use editor enabled this single video creator to publish up to 10 videos per day, every day. After only 4 months, L’Opinion video views grew from 100,000 to a total of 5,000,000, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of shares and likes. 75% of these videos are monetized through DailyMotion and Digiteka platforms.

Wochit enabled us to produce great social videos faster than any other video creation platform. We more than doubled the number of videos we publish daily, while relying on internal resources – that translates into a significant increase in our bottom line.

Erik Monjalous
Erik Monjalous

Managing Director, L’Opinion

50x Video views
2.5x Videos produced
$0 Outsource production

Leading media group increased the Facebook engagement of their local newspaper division by 12-fold

Gruppo L’Espresso is a leading Italian media group and a publisher of La Repubblica and Huffington Post Italia. The local newspaper division was looking for a video solution that would enable it to create web and social videos at scale for its local brands. After only 4 months of using Wochit to create better video for social audiences, the local brands increased their Facebook engagement by 12-fold.

Wochit enabled us to produce a high-volume of social videos across our group without investing in new specialized video teams. The platform is both powerful and simple. Our web editors have started creating influential videos after a short training.

Andrea Iannuzzi
Andrea Iannuzzi

Executive Editor
AGL (Finegil G'ELocal)

2.5x videos published
3x video creators
12x Facebook engagement

Running a video-centric newsroom with Focus ONLINE’s Editor-in-Chief.

Focus Online is a news portal, a part of Burda Forward digital publishing house, and a leader in digital video in Germany. The portal draws 21 million unique visitors a month.

Focus Online has been a Wochit customer since 2014.

Time Inc. partners with Wochit to create more than 40,000 pieces of video content in 2016

Time Inc. chose Wochit to increase video production efforts, across its brands, especially with regard to breaking or trending news. This serves the company’s mission to deliver premium video storytelling across the digital, social, OTT and film ecosystem. Through this partnership, Time Inc. video producers can now incorporate Wochit’s technology into their daily editorial workflow to facilitate the rapid generation of engaging video stories published and distributed across their brand sites and social channels.

Partnering with Wochit gives us a powerful tool to further accelerate the volume of our real-time video productions, which we can integrate at the deepest levels across our sites and social channels


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Brandon Fong
Brandon Fong

Vice President,
Business Development


A&E Lifetime Takes a Look at Kate Winslet’s Career

LIfetime’s creators smartly use this title splash not just to establish branding and identity, but also to tie a variety of content together. Viewers who are fans of the #SheDidThat series will be eager to see more, and viewers seeing their first #SheDidThat video are cued to this piece being part of a content family. When they like what they see, they’re likely to seek out more. Read more here.

Views Makes a Hit with Gifs, Gal, and Wonder Woman

The creators embrace the use of GIFs in this piece. They pepper the video with memorable, standout GIFs of Gadot, many from her smash hit film Wonder Woman. Using them at key points throughout to emphasize elements of the real world story is a creative way to equate Gadot’s actions with her onscreen superhero persona. Read more here.


HelloGiggles is having a social video Halloween

The creators deploy overlay with expert precision. Bright pink text boxes assures that the overlay stands out, but they keep it to the side to allow the horror scenes to play out for the viewer. They also keep the text brief, using just enough to contextualize each new clip within the running gag of the video.


Elle France Shows They Are Social Video Experts

The piece is truly optimized for social. It works on mute because it is all about the imagery, letting the eye-catching cakes speak for themselves. The short overlay at the opening contextualizes the video, but it is all the creators need.


Vogue India Ramps Up Social Creation with Wochit

The creators in Vogue India put a variety of tools to use to craft a standout social video. There’s no shortage of memorable, high-quality assets of Princess Di, and this video is overflowing with them. The creators smartly start off with a video clip – that on-screen movement at the beginning of a video helps solidify the attention of viewers.

Read more here.

205 K
1.7 K

All-around, this video is a stand out. The content and delivery speak directly to SYFY’s core audience, with classic imagery and a humorous, conversational tone.

Read more here.

27 K

WHO Magazine Remembers Whitney Houston

The creators make great use of text overlay in telling the story. The black color boxes allow it the text to stand out regardless of the background. The stark white text and font complements WHO’s branding, which is ever-present in the top-right corner.

Read more here.

Paris Match Brings the News to Their Social Audience

The use of text overlay throughout the long shot helps guarantee continuous audience engagement. Using animation to being the text on and off screen serves as a simple eye-catching trick. The information relayed and the story being told is sure to be of interest to viewers.

Read more here.


Reader’s Digest Gets Creative with Social Video

Reader’s Digest is master of the listicle video. Their bread-and-butter, 60-second-video model is easily digested by social media viewers. It helps that their trove of magazine and web stories can easily be converted to video, as it’s also a common format for their written content. Of course, not every article will work as a video.

Read more here

16 K

South African news site increased engagement across platforms with Wochit.

News24 is the most popular news website and mobile app in South Africa, boasting more than 6 million unique monthly visitors. After a year of using Wochit to create social videos, the number of team members able to create content nearly doubled and views soared by 42.7% on YouTube, with over 80% completion rate for website videos.

Reality is that if you don’t tell your stories in video, you are stuck. There is no such thing as video journalism. It’s journalism. Across platforms.


Jerusha Sukhdeo
Jerusha Sukhdeo

Head of Video, News24

80% Completion Rate
x1.4 YouTube Video Views
x1.6 Video Creators

Framtiden Knows Social Video Isn’t Just for Media Companies

Framtiden puts text overlay to use here to tell their story creatively. The bits of text are kept short an succinct, and are kept onscreen long enough to be read. Animating the text on and off the screen is also another simple way to re-up the audience’s attention. And, of course, the use of overlay allows the video to work on mute.

40 K

Viacom’s MTV Italia Gets Started with Wochit

MTV’s creators optimized this video for mobile viewing. With no voiceover and a story told entirely through overlay, viewers can fully enjoy the piece anywhere, anytime. The overlay is also playful and eye-catching. The color boxes and bright text make the overlay pop out of the screen. By animating the overlay and moving it to different parts of the screen, the viewer is kept engaged.

Read more here.


Upsocl scores big numbers with their Facebook imprint, “Breaking”

The creators make great use of text-overlay here, to slowly reveal the nature of the “whale” (in fact, a sculpture meant to raise awareness of environmental issues) in a playful way. The overlay moves positions around the screen, regularly drawing eyes to new quadrants, and different sizes are used to emphasize certain points.

1.2 M
5.5 K

Channel NewsAsia Puts Raw Footage to Use

This kind of piece – raw footage without overlay or voiceover – still works well on social through a combination of strong visuals and appropriate share copy. Here, the brief share copy contextualizes the footage just enough for viewers to understand what they’re watching.

TrendWatching gets creative with text

This video hits all the best practices for social effectiveness. It’s short, coming in at under one minute. And its square format is ideal for social, displaying larger in feeds and easily reusable across different networks.

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Gannett’s Humankind showcase their unique brand with social videos

Leveraging Wochit graphic package, Gannett’s Humankind creates unique videos, which are beautiful,  dynamic, and 100% on-brand.

Check out more Humankind’s videos on their Facebook page.


3.1K Reactions

Essence creates a #Wochitwin video that prompt engagement of all kinds.

This piece is couched in emotion. It’s designed not just to celebrate Left Eye, but also to prompt memories and nostalgia among viewers. The many comments and nearly 20,000 shares show how the content has motivated engagement by paying tribute to a beloved celebrity.

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20 K

The Bump stands out with great visual assets with this social video.

The visual assets are of the highest quality. Imagery like that really pops out in cluttered, messy social feeds and it keeps viewers engaged. The creators also utilize a nice mix of still and moving assets to hold attention.

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Ashton Kutcher & A Plus find social success with positivity

A Plus is a publisher of positive journalism. Their content is focused on good news and heartwarming stories. This feel-good focus works well for their social video efforts, such as in this Wochit-made video example posted in Facebook. People love positivity!

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13K Reactions

CBS uses square video to stand out in the crowd

Hot new technology always generates a ton of buzz on social, and perhaps nothing drives as much interest as a new iPhone. Legacy broadcaster and news publishing giant CBS recently shared a square social video all about the iPhone 7. And the responses on Facebook has been otherworldly!

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71K Reactions

Men’s Health creates a listicle video tailored for their audience

The list may be the most beloved form content can take online. This holds true for video as well! Viewers like to have an idea of what they’re getting when they hit play. A list format cues them into what to expect.


THE WEEK increases engagement through twice a day videos in their news app

THE WEEK is a weekly British news magazine which also publishes a US edition. In October 2015, the UK edition of The Week launched a free iPhone app called The WeekDay. Published twice-daily, the app contains a digest of news and analysis via text and video.

We’re delighted that Wochit provides a fast, simple way to produce high-quality video for The WeekDay. Supplementing text and photography with video footage of the leading international stories of the day adds a powerful new dimension to our coverage.

Holden Frith
Holden Frith


Inc. Southeast Asia is Leveraging the Full Power of Social Video

Throughout the video, the creators make exceptional use of text overlay. Different styles are deployed for each major category of advice and quotes from the experts. Animation and different colored boxes keep the text popping out over the visual assets.

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Crowdfunding site GoFundMe scored a #Wochitwin with a Memorial Day video.


The subject is heartwarming and sure to evoke a wide range of emotions for viewers. The timing of the piece – shared on Memorial Day – magnifies its emotional impact and taps into the social conversation going on in the moment.

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UK Multimedia organization increases engagement with Wochit-made videos

Johnston Press is one of the largest local and regional multimedia organizations in the UK. Johnston Press provide news and information services to local and regional communities through an extensive portfolio of hundreds of publications and websites. Their news teams also use social media – Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms such as Storify – to engage readers in 24/7 dialogue. The use of video on their websites is generating both traffic and interest.

We take pride in our top quality journalism and delivering this to our online users in new ways through our partnership with Wochit will be a key factor in growing our audiences.

Jeff Moriarty
Jeff Moriarty

Chief Digital and Product officer


Essence masters inspirational, feel-good clips that are powerful in driving social engagement

Essence cleared some enormous engagement numbers on Facebook with their social video all about Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. With a tremendous response on Facebook, they clearly know the kind of content their audience wants and responds to!

Read more

70K Reactions

Glamour España Tackles Video with Finesse

This piece embraces the classic, horizontal format with distinct style and flair. The creators keep the visual assets front and center, literally. They use animated text to tell comment on the outfits and run down the list of 8 of Kendall’s fanny pack looks.

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Business of Fashion scores a first #Wochitwin


The creators embrace the current tenets of social video: square format to stand out, a story told through text overlay, and a video that works overall on mute.

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French publisher L’Express shows just how powerful trending content can be

Following France’s unexpected loss to Portugal in the Euro 2016 championship match on Sunday, the images of a young boy in a Portugal jersey comforting an adult fan of the French team had everyone talking.  L’Express expertly pushed their video out mid-morning on Monday, positioned it to be seen and shared throughout the day and week.

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130K Reactions

Science and technology publisher New Scientist had a video smash recently. Their social video covering new research suggesting dogs can understand what people say has entered the stratosphere. This level of success on social – especially those key engagement actions of commenting and sharing – is what every creator is aiming for.

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20K Reactions

German publisher Spiegel Online spots a great social video opportunity in the beautiful skies over Iceland

German publisher Spiegel Online spotted a great social video opportunity in the skies over Iceland, recently. The wondrous natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights lit up the night, and social channels the world over. This Wochit-made video tapped that interest, become one of Speigel’s most successful social videos ever.

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26K Reactions

Media brand re-establishes its social presence with Wochit-made videos

BNO News is a news organization that provides live coverage of breaking and developing stories. Featuring text and video content, and re-establishing its social media presence, BNO News use Wochit to create timely, news-worthy videos.

Wochit offers our newsroom a reliable platform to seamlessly pull and edit content from a variety of different sources, and provides super-fast rendering to support our signature video news alerts. We love their friendly staff and would use no one else!

James Valles
James Valles

Co-founder, Vice President & Global Anchor
BNO News

Rotten Tomatoes own their brand’s voice with a unique look and feel.

Rotten Tomatoes unique style and animation is evident in all their Wochit videos. Using a distinct voice over intonation, a repeating video structure and fun animation it is easy to identify Rotten Tomatoes videos – even when their logo is hidden!

For more videos on Rotten Tomatoes’ website click here.


NowThis Election finds the keys to engagement

Online publisher NowThis Election shared a video highlighting Will Smith’s recent comments speaking out against Donald Trump. They’ve clearly done something right, because this Wochit-made news video has racked up engagement! #wochitwin

23K Reactions

AutoExpress puts their branding to work with text overlays

There are many different ways to place your brand’s stamp on your video content, but it doesn’t have to only be in the form of a logo or opening/closing splashes. Here, Auto Express uses their trademark color scheme in their text overlay, reinforcing the association between the content and the publisher.


Health and lifestyle magazine Prevention has a robust social video strategy. They tackle a variety of subjects relevant to their followers, providing the insight info they’re known for through a regular rotation of videos. This Wochit-made piece looks at foods that can cause anxiety is a great example of the publisher’s approach to social video. It’s short, snappy, and focused.

Read more

2.4K Reactions

Los Angeles Times monetizes news video on site

This timely news video was published by the Los Angeles Times to cover a developing news story. That’s a classic news video with text overlays that can work both on mobile (in which most videos are watched on mute) and desktop.

Mother & Baby doing great things with video

This video sticks to a tried-and-true social format: the list. Viewers know from the top exactly what this piece has to offer. Clear expectations let social audiences know just what they’re giving their time over to.

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InStyle Germany’s social video content took off with great assets, a playful vibe and a focus on the interest of their core audience.

This clip is a social viewer’s dream. It’s short, hitting the less-than-one-minute sweet spot that leads to the highest number of views.

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Conservative Review recently turned to Wochit for their video creation needs, and the results are already impressive.


Telling a story of this kind requires a special touch. You don’t want to appear exploitative or like you’re leveraging shock value. The creators at Conservative Review don’t make those errors, instead telling the story from the heart.

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Aftonbladet puts a fine point on social video

The square format is the best bet on Facebook these days, standing out with a full-sized preview in all feeds. This piece is a brisk 34 seconds, falling in the sweet spot of under 1 minute.The use of text overlay is expert here. Each bit of text is kept short, so as not to overwhelm viewers nor totally overtake the images of their favorite character and actors from the series.

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Wetter.TV showcases brilliant visual assets in social video

This video is all-around tuned perfectly for social success, from subject to assets to production.News and entertainment are the two big topic categories often seen in social videos, but educational content is also quite popular. Here, Wetter.TV offer insight and information in an accessible, entertaining format that appeals both to their existing audience and to a broader swath of viewers on social.

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This clips makes good use of a variety of assets, including videos, still images, and graphics. By moving between different types of visuals, the video maintains a steady pace and never lingers long enough on any single asset to lose a viewer’s interest.

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