You’ve Set Up Your Video Strategy – Now Take Your Engagement to the Next Level

You’ve Set Up Your Video Strategy – Now Take Your Engagement to the Next Level

Brands and publishers use social media and social video to build community and loyalty around their identities. It’s a great way to grow a following and build visibility, and the key to that growth is engagement! But with the amount of content in feeds, driving engagement isn’t as simple as just posting quality videos.

But with a smart approach to sharing and creation, brands and publishers can increase their engagement across social platforms. Whether the focus is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, these tips will drive engagement on your social video content!

Encourage conversation
Social is meant for more than just broadcast to your audience. Social platforms should be used to connect with them directly and encourage interaction. Use your videos and share copy to provoke that engagement!

Present a question alongside your video, or even within it. Put emotional resonance to use in your video content – time and again emotional impact has shown to naturally draw comments and conversation. As followers and viewers comment and share, be sure to stay engaged with them! Participate in the conversation by engaging with the opinions shared to foster a meaningful connection between brand and audience.

Always use a CTA
Speaking of driving conversation – calls-to-action (CTAs) are a perfect way to prompt discussion. But beyond encouraging comments at the close of your video, CTAs can be used in a variety of ways that bump up engagement.

An obvious one is encouraging viewers to share or like your video at the end. Those growing numbers, in turn, bring your videos to more feeds. Another approach could be asking viewers to tag someone they know – maybe someone who would be interested or who the video reminds them of.

The content of your video will determine what kind of ask might be appropriate, and not every viewer will follow every CTA. That’s ok, though! Those who do are likely to be part of your target audience with networks populated by that core group, as well.

Make your videos stand out
We know that video content is especially powerful on social, with greater organic reach and the highest engagement numbers. By using video, you’re already a step ahead. But with the increasing amount of video and the constant deluge of content, it is critical to make your videos stand out to keep viewers engaged.

Strong visuals are key to keeping eyes on your video, while harnessing emotions or unique content is critical for driving engagement. Keep viewers tuned in with exciting openings and original videos, while using overlay to deliver key info and frame reactions for your viewers. Most importantly, you need to capture all of the above.

A captivating video is an absolute must if you want viewers to stick around and engage!

Keep it current
Being a part of online conversations and speaking to current events is a great way to increase visibility and make your content feel more vital to viewers. Viewers are likelier to pay attention to and engage with content that feels of-the-moment.

For publishers, this might look like covering breaking news, or sharing a unique story related to a major event. For brands, this can be jumping into the trending conversations on social, playing to the popular memes, or finding a way to connect your identity with major happenings. The relevance to what’s happening will encourage engagement and lift your content.

Keep track of what’s working
Successful social engagement is more than just rising numbers, it requires managing an evolving strategy. Social media insight and listening tools (those built-in to networks, as well as third-party services) allow you to track which of your efforts is proving most successful as well as what’s being said about your brand.

This allows you to observe and respond to the interests and desires of your core audience. It also assures that you are keeping up with the strengths and weaknesses of your efforts. When you see certain story types or CTAs out-performing others, that’s an indication of what your core audience responds to. Put that insight to use!

Consider paying to promote your videos
Increasingly, social is becoming pay-to-play for brands and publishers. Organic reach has become especially thin on Facebook. But there are low-cost promotion options that can help raise the visibility – and thus the engagement – of your videos.

Generally, when paying to promote content, you can be very specific about who you want to target with your dollars. This goes all the way down to things like interests, age, and even geographic location. Focus on the demographics that make up your core audience, and when you invest a few dollars to promote your posts, you’ll get the eyes you want on it.

Engagement is at the heart of social strategy and audience building. With these tips, you can enhance your efforts and drive engagement numbers on your social videos to the next level!

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