Wochit’s Social Video Index: An Infographic Report

Wochit’s Social Video Index: An Infographic Report

We’ve analyzed more than 4000 Wochit-made videos from over 100 publishers that were posted on Facebook over a 3 month period. The results reveal critical insights into virality, shareability, and the very nature of social video. We’ve crafted an infographic to give you easy access to theses crucial understandings. Check it out below!


Highlights include:

  • Wochit-made Facebook videos are viewed an average of 100,000 times and shared 1000 times
  • Videos running 60 to 90 seconds get the most views
  • Videos running 30 to 60 seconds get the most shares
  • News videos are viewed twice as much as entertainment videos
  • Square is a hit! 1 in 4 videos is square
  • Square videos get 6x more shares and 3x more views than horizontal ones
  • 1.2% of published videos go viral (viewed over 1,000,000 times)
  • Spain, Mexico and the US lead with the number of shares and views per video

To learn more about maximizing a video’s impact on Facebook and other social networks, read up on the 3 keys to social video success!


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