Wochit Webinar: Using Social Video To Drive Audience Growth

The Pocket Guide to Social Video

This free webinar was built for publishers looking to develop a robust social video strategy. From brand awareness to monetization to audience growth, we looked at how successful publishers, like CBS News, are reaching their goals.

Our panel of experts from across the industry included Jareen Imam (Head of Social Media, CBS News), Gabriele Boland (Content Strategist, NewsWhip), Garrett Goodman (VP of Business Development, Wochit), and Denis Wilson (Editor-in-Chief, Publishing Executive). They offered insights from every angle, taking a look at key trends in social video and the metrics publishers’ should use to inform their strategy.

We all know that social video offers enormous opportunity for publishers. This webinar help publishers leverage that opportunity to their full potential. Tune in to learn:

  • What exactly “social video” is and why publishers need to make it part of their content strategy
  • Key trends and metrics, including the effects of social video on breaking stories in 2017
  • Best practices for creating videos that capture attention and inspire sharing on social media
  • Tips for scaling up video production with limited resources
  • How social video can drive audience growth and monetization



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