Wochit survey: video monetization in 2017 and beyond

Wochit survey: video monetization in 2017 and beyondPublishers Look to Monetize Social Video Through Increased Production

Monetization is a big question on the minds of many publishers, brands, and media companies when it comes to video. Despite all the focus and interest in online video content, some mystery still remains about how to most effectively leverage that content in a revenue stream. Take our survey to glean insights on the video monetization strategies of your peers and also, share your own.

As we look back over the growth and changes of this year, there is much to be learned. And as social media and consumer desires continue to evolve, there’s much to consider for the future. One thing is for sure, though: the present and future belong to video.

We’re surveying industry-wide with aim to collect insights on:

  • Most effective monetization strategies
  • The best networks for monetization
  • Hurdles and concerns about video monetization
  • What strategies are being pursued in 2017 and beyond

With the data we collect, we’ll be crafting a look at the numerous options for monetization of video content, potential obstacles, and new opportunities for publishers and media companies. The report will lay out how to create revenue streams through video content now, what to expect in the near future, and what your peers are pursuing.

If that wasn’t reason enough, participants in this brief survey can enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card!  Take the survey now.

<<Update: The survey is closed. See the results on The Publisher’s Guide to Video Monetization.>>

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