Wochit Q3 Social Index: Social Video Equals Engagement and Monetization for Publishers

Our Q3 social index is here and overflowing with insight from our analysis of over 10,000 Facebook videos, created by more than 200 publishers. These videos were published on 300+ Facebook pages between June 2017 and August 2017. One of the most notable trends found is that increasing the number of videos shared yields disproportionate gains in views and engagement. On average, publishers that increased their video production saw their video views triple.

The report includes comparisons with Q1 and Q2 findings of 2017, better illustrating emerging trends in the industry. Some of the big findings of Q3 include:

  • Publishers already making video create nearly 50% more in Q3
  • Pages with more video attract more followers
  • Engagement shifts to Reactions over Likes
  • Square videos prove massively more engaging than horizontal
  • Midroll, high engagement lift popularity of longer videos
  • The1% continues to get nearly half of all views, over half of all shares
  • Latin American audiences are by far the most engaged

Publishers Committed to Social Video Doubled Down in Q3

Publishers who created videos in both Q2 and Q3 had an average production increase of 48.5% in Q3.

These publishers also saw significant increases in engagement, averaging a 52.3% lift in views, 65.0% growth in Likes and a 62.3% rise in the number of Shares.

For publishers who increased production in Q3, Wochit found a disproportionate impact on view counts. These publishers doubled their video production, on average, yielding a 3x more video views.

More Videos Means More Followers

There is a strong connection between the number of videos posted to a publisher’s Facebook page and the number of followers for that page. In fact, 8 out of the 10 most followed publisher’s Facebook pages in Q3 published at least 5 videos a day.

In Q3, publishers posted an average of 40.3% more videos per page than during Q2. At the same time, the average number of followers increased by 33K to 870K (compared to 837K in Q2).

Reactions Rise while “Likes” Slide

In a previous study of viral videos, we observed that 80.9% of those reaching the one-million-view landmark elicit strong emotions. So, it’s not surprising to see that the number of Reactions on videos continue to increase, moving up 66.9% in Q3. The traditional “Like,” however, is decreasing, down 21.2%  from Q2. We see this audience behavior simply as an indication that the videos on which they are interacting are drawing out deeper feelings than a simple thumbs up reflects.   

It’s Hip to Be Square (Video)

The share of horizontal vs. square is stabilizing towards a 60-40 split. However, performance is a completely different story, likely as a result of mobile viewing where square format provides a better viewing experience.

Square video massively outperforms horizontal across all engagement metrics, receiving over 3x the views, 7x as many comments and 8x the shares.

The majority of videos posted to Facebook are still in 16:9 (Horizontal) format, but stark difference in performance means that publishers seeking engagement should be making the switch.

Longer Videos Equal Double Engagement

On average, videos over 90 seconds have a much higher rate of engagement than videos of other durations. In Q3, they received 78.8% more shares (1539 compared to 861) and 74.6% more views (201,242 vs. 115,256 for all videos).

With this elevated engagement rate and the opportunity to monetize through Facebook midroll, the trend for more 90-second-plus video production continued on the upward trajectory first seen from Q1 to Q2, increasing 24.2% in Q3.While videos between 30 and 90 seconds remain the majority, the proportion is slowly narrowing (decrease of 6.1%).

The 1% Still Get the Lion’s Share

Consistent with Q1 and Q2 metrics, only 1.2% of videos “go viral,” which we define as receiving over a million views. This relatively small quantity of videos is responsible for the lion’s share of total engagement, receiving 46.9% of total views and 66.1% of total shares.Popular videos, defined as having 100,000 or more views, comprise only 17.0% of the total amount yet account for 36.6% of the views and 26.5% of shares.

Videos receiving fewer than 100,000 make up the vast majority of quantity at 81.8%, but receive only 16.5% of the total views and 7.4% of the total shares.  


Latin America Leads in Engagement

Overall, average engagement per video is highest across all metrics in Latin America (LATAM), with shares outpacing the average by nearly triple (+283.7%). LATAM videos also attained 220.5% more reactions, 184.4% more likes, 135.8% more views and 131.8% more comments.

All Video is Not Created Equal

The Pocket Guide to Social Video

We compared the performance of social videos made using the Wochit platform against those not created with other platforms on individual publisher pages in Q3. On average, the videos produced using Wochit received significantly more engagement.  

There are a few reasons for this phenomenon, which we refer to as “The Wochit Effect.” And, regardless of whether you use Wochit, the drivers are something you should keep in mind for your own video strategy.



  1. Social-Optimized videos: social audiences tend to respond to different stimuli, often viewing their social feeds on a mobile device. Most videos today are watched without audio, so it’s more important to make an impact visually. This means you need to literally spell out what you’re trying to say with text overlays. You also don’t need to get bogged down with concerns over artistry with short-form video. It’s the story, not the cinematography, that’s important, and Wochit users understand that.
  2. Diverse teams of video creators: the creative minds that already populate your staff or newsroom can be tapped for your video efforts. With their range of relevant skillsets, knowledge of your audience, and familiarity with the voice of your brand, editorial and social teams are sometimes better positioned to deliver compelling video to your audience. Some of the most successful Wochit videos in this report were made by users who never created a video prior to Wochit.
  3. Clear brand identity: when you want the audience to recognize your videos and keep coming back for more, it’s important to have a clear editorial strategy and visual identity. Make smart decisions about video topics and leverage customized graphics to express your brand and its personality consistently across your videos.

“While we’ve seen quantity of video increase every quarter, it’s in Q3 that we see how big the impact that an increase in production can have on the metrics that matter most, like views and reactions,” said Wochit co-founder and CEO Dror Ginzberg. “We’re also excited to see how the trend toward longer video progresses and if this does alleviate some of media’s monetization challenge. Either way, we will continue dig through the data to provide the industry with insights and best practices that will help each attain their goals.”

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