3 New Integrations to Streamline Your Video Production Process

Wochit recently made video creation a whole lot simpler!

Our all-in-one platform already boasts an assortment of features, like complete editorial control, on-brand customizable graphics, and smart content discovery. And now, marketing and editorial teams are finding it much easier to optimize their workflows thanks to our three new integrations:

  • Slack
  • Media libraries
  • CMS

1. Slack Integration

Wochit’s Slack integration allows you to effortlessly assign ready-to-publish videos and templates to another person in your organization. As soon as they’re done putting the finishing touches on the visual content or storyboards, or have given their approval for publishing, they can send you a project completion alert.

Once approved and published, you can share videos instantly on Slack with team members and the social media team.

You can also automate the sharing process with this integration. As soon as a video is published, the entire team and any assigned departments will receive an alert to review the final product.

You can also share your videos on Slack with your global teams, so they can duplicate them and make adjustments, which is of extreme value when making localization tweaks.

Learn how to set up the Slack integration here.

If you are not using Slack, it is still possible to easily share video previews within your organization. Wochit generates a shareable link that you can send to your manager and/or team before you actually publish them.

Wochit Slack integration

2. Media Library Integration

There’s nothing worse than working on a video and having to switch back and forth from one program to another, uploading and downloading files, like graphics, audio, GIFs, and social media posts.

Wochit’s new media library integration resolves this issue.

With this integration, your media library seamlessly integrates and is present inside the Wochit platform. Simply contact us, and we’ll walk you through the integration process.

Plus, you get access to our vast library of existing content.

media library integration

We’re constantly updating our expansive library, easily allowing you to combine your own content with ours to create one-of-a-kind videos that move your audience.

3. CMS Integration

With our CMS integration, you can now work directly inside the Wochit platform and push all of your finished video straight to your own content management system.

We’ve set up support for a wide range of application program interfaces, making it possible to share your videos to your CMS or internal system. From there, you can do whatever you want, including:

  • Post them on your website
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Publish on your blog
  • Share on social media

We support Brightcove, have an awesome auto-upload to YouTube feature, and even support JW Player!

Contact Wochit today to learn more about our new integrations. We’re here to expand audience engagement through video content creation that is conveniently accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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