Why Wochit Studio Is Your Video Force Multiplier in 2020

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The value of video for telling your story best, engaging your audience fabulously, and bringing them ever closer to conversion cannot be understated.

To illustrate, in a recent post from content marketing marketplace and platform, Contently, the call to action was clear. The number one tip (out of seven) for “creating content your audience actually likes,” is to invest in video.

And they have the data to back it up, with video spend on the platform has increased by nearly 50% in 2019, and with shares of video content outperforming shares of written content by 8x!

Whether you’re an enterprise communicating with employees and customers, or if you’re a publisher, or a marketplace seller – your content force multiplier in 2020 is video.

Video Creation as Accessible as Writing Emails?

“Today I invest a certain amount of time in writing emails. If I could invest the same amount of time in creating videos, that would be perfect.” Galit Mendelson, Head of Internal Communications at Payoneer.

But, you may be asking yourself (we know we would be if we were you) – while all this sounds good and well, creating videos can be complex and super costly. It seems that there really are only two choices these days – (1) take the express route with one of the many apps out there that let you pick pix and insert text into rigid pre-built templates that leave virtually no freedom for creativity and individual branding…

“We couldn’t make our own templates or write our texts where we wanted, we couldn’t use the video outro that we picked and even select the part of the videos we wanted in the media section,” Myriam Ferrus, Head of Digital at Voici.

Or . . . (2) you can spend tons on a production agency and wait weeks for the finished product to be done.

And, clearly, you cannot afford the cookie-cutter effects of rigid apps, nor the time and money required by agencies.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create videos with:

  • Independence
  • Intuitiveness
  • Customizability
  • Speed

Introducing Wochit Studio, the Cure for Your Video Ails

“When I started using Wochit, I realized that I could create my own videos and that I was finally “free” and could make quality videos at scale.” (Ferrus)

At Wochit, video is our passion, and we are driven to empower anyone and everyone to have the freedom to make quality videos that they can be proud of  . . . and have fun along the way as well!

That’s why we created Wochit Studio, addressing the four main asks of any marketing communicator, brand, publisher, what have you, i.e.:

Independence: with a clear and straightforward UX

Intuitiveness: with cutting edge functionalities that don’t require professional editing skills.

Customizability: smart editing features with the ability to use your own fonts, brand colors, logo, and any other brand asset you want; as well as the ability to fully customize transitions, text overlays, infographics, logos, intros and outros, and more; and . . . you can select any type of frame – wide, square, vertical or story, and reformat the video from one format to another just by clicking a button. Not to mention extensive creative freedom with a pre-licensed library of 200 million ready-to-use images and videos, as well as tons of music tracks.

Speed: offering myriad built-in templates.

“The ideal video creation situation would be using a simple app that can be customized to our brand with many templates at our disposal and easy to use editing tools.” Leanne Bernstein, Communications Specialist, at ADAMA.

Seems too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! Check it out:

Now, beyond all the empowerment that you get with Studio, you also get an über-agile video creation platform that’s cloud-based. This means that you get auto-save functionality (so you never have to worry about losing drafts), and you can achieve maximum collaboration through easy sharing and approval management via mobile.

“Within a couple of weeks, we could make quality videos that looked like no one else’s on Wochit in less than 20 minutes. The proof was that we were able to produce about 20 videos a day and I already felt at that time that Wochit had much more potential than any “automated video creation” platforms we used before.” (Ferrus)

No More Cookie-Cutter Videos!

Let’s take a closer look at one of the critical capabilities that Wochit Studio delivers – no more cookie-cutter videos!

How? By helping you align videos with your brand through easy customization of:

Text overlays, e.g. listicles, quotes, multi-lines:

Transitions, i.e. what we see between two shots or clips (whether fade to black, dissolve, or pan):

Openers (intros), and animated end cards (outros), logo bugs, and frames:

And, to take your videos to the max and make them look like you have editing superpowers – we can also help you produce a collage effect with nearly zero effort.

What do we mean by ‘collage’? This includes awe-generating on-screen effects such as split-screen and picture-in-picture. And you can do it all without spending hours on editing. Just select the layout that makes the most sense for your story and best aligns with your vision and go!

So, now that you know that Wochit Studio is your video force multiplier for 2020 (and beyond), the only question remaining is: what’s your first Wochit Studio video going to be about?

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