Why Quantity Is Just as Important as Quality When it Comes to Video Creation

Why Quantity Is Just as Important as Quality When it Comes to Video Creation

When it comes to video content marketing, does quality trump quantity?

Well, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

You might have one excellent video that goes viral, but if you never share another video or every video thereafter is subpar, you’ll lose any progress you’ve gained.

You need both, quality and quantity, and there’s good news.  You can have a large number of high-quality videos. You don’t have to choose between them. All it takes is careful planning and a helpful video creation platform such as Wochit to simplify the process.

Here’s how you can create many high-quality videos:

Repurpose Existing Content

According to LinkedIn, the key to creating lots of great content is to focus on a few assets that can be repeated and extended across multiple channels. By using a few pieces of excellent content, you make the process of creating a quality video much faster.

Let’s say you have a powerful blog that you know your customers already enjoy. Take that blog and turn it into a video series examining the different sections of the blog. Then, do an interview video answering questions about the blog or dissecting another piece. The idea is that you can use one great piece of content (a blog, whitepaper, eBook, etc.) to develop dozens of high-quality videos.

Think of Nike’s latest “Just Do It” ad with Colin Kaepernick or Zendesk’s “Relationships Are Complicated” ad. In both cases, the message conveyed is that their product can help you or your company be better. This simple but powerful message can be repeated in a variety of ways with similar videos and pieces of content that won’t need to be designed and planned from scratch.

Create Video Templates

Speaking of planning from scratch, there is no need to create a video from nothing every time. You can create a reusable video template that you use to make a certain set of videos.

For example, Hootsuite has a template they follow for all of their training videos while Starbucks has a template for every type of playlist from their “How To” videos to “Coffee Recipes” and “Good Feels Good.”

The benefit of a template is that you can create a set of videos all with the same goal in mind that use the same template. So, if you need to create a series of explainer videos, they can all use the same video template for simplicity. The same goes for listicle videos or videos that tell a story.

Distribute Videos Properly

Creating a large number of high-quality videos is great, but if they don’t get properly distributed, they can’t reach all your intended audiences.

If you post your videos solely on YouTube, you’ll miss out on your Facebook audience. Or if the one place you post your videos is on your website, only direct visitors will see the work you’ve put in.

Instead, you need to share your videos across the web on each major social network. Check out these social video statistics to get started and figure out which platforms are best for you and your business.

Just be sure that you don’t forget to create different videos for each platform depending on the best practices for each one:


Creating one great video is amazing, but what happens from there? You need to offer more than just one great video in order to attract the attention of audiences across various platforms.

If you want to make noise in your industry, you need quality and quantity. You need a lot of high-quality videos that inform, educate, entertain, and engage audiences. The most cost-effective, efficient, and effective way to do it is by using a video production platform that enables you to produce high-quality videos at scale. This is where Wochit can help. Contact us today to get started!

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