Why Brands Need More Video on Their Own Sites

By now, you already know video is the key to beefing up your online marketing. But did you know that having video on your brand’s website can make a huge difference in traffic and conversions? Of course you knew that too. But you’re here today because you want to find out how to get the most out of your video on your O&O sites. Let’s look at some of the ways having video can benefit your sites.

Video lifts your SEO

The most immediate benefit video brings to your site is an SEO lift. A high-quality video backed by strong keywords and a clear description for web-crawlers to index can help you to quickly jump up the search engine results page.

Google favors video in its search results, with top videos appearing on the first page, just under the first few web hits. Strong video content on your site can land you at the top of those results. Being sure to optimize the video SEO of your content will help drive the video further in web searches, taking the overall SEO of your site with it.

Video brings consumers to your site and keeps them there

Consumers turn to video to guide them to the products and services they need, so offering them information in that format will bring them to your site. 76% of marketers saw video increase traffic to sites.

Not just that, but consumers spend more time on sites with video. 80% of marketers saw video increase dwell time.

Video drives conversion

Across the board, marketers say video helps them get the job done. 76% say video increased their sales, and 97% say video helped consumers better understand their product or service.

But don’t just take their word for it.

Consumers also identify video as a major influence on their buying decisions. 90% of consumers report that product videos help them make purchase decisions. And 95% have watched videos to learn more about products and services.

To drive conversion on your site, video is what you need. By using explainers for services, demos for products – you can connect with consumers at every step of the process through video.

Video establishes your identity

The benefits of having video on your O&O sites is more than just a numbers game, though. Video is powerful, engaging way to establish your brand’s voice and build a relationship with your audience. That familiarity helps foster interest and build loyalty that can drive consumers towards conversion.

For brands who are serious about getting the most out of video, O&O sites can’t be overlooked. Using video on your site to push products, accompany blogs, and establish your brand identity can help you push beyond your initial content marketing goals into a whole new realm of success.

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