Why AI Will Never Fully Replace the Human Touch in Video Making

Why AI Will Never Fully Replace the Human Touch in Video Making

Despite its being touted as the “new industrial revolution,” artificial intelligence (AI) has its limitations when it comes to the world of video creation.

So will AI ever being able to replace the human touch in video making?

When it comes to video production, there are a number of uniquely human traits that machines lack.


Machines lack creativity. They can, however, bring life to the creative ideas of their users. According to the Harvard Business Review, “the fastest modern supercomputer couldn’t list or explore all the features of an object/thing even if it had started working on the problem way back in the 1950s.”

While machine learning and AI are undeniably good at creating multiple solutions and products, they are still limited in their abilities to explore all potential features. This is where user creativity proves to be of the utmost importance when in video making.

Storytelling and Human Experience

Machines can remember information and massive amounts of data, but they lack storytelling capabilities. Humans have a unique way of telling stories based on their personal perceptions of their own experiences. If you upload the same data to three different machines, each one will tell the same story. Give the same data to three different people, and you’ll get three different versions based on their past experiences and perspectives.

Emotions, Sensitivity, and Intuition

Machines also lack the ability to understand data within its context. Humans, on the other hand, see the big picture. They understand where sensitivities lie and how to make decisions based on involved emotions. Machines have no emotion whatsoever, which greatly hinders the creation of an emotionally-appealing video.

The Human Behind the Machine

When used for video creation, the machine is only as good as what the human makes of it.

User Remains in Control

There are tons of apps, particularly for smartphones and computers, that automate video editing. These apps are ideal for someone who needs a video edited quickly without much effort. As far as creative video production and editing, though, machines can’t come close to what the human mind can create.

AI has become exceptionally good at mimicking the data fed to it. Machines are good at producing cookie-cutter videos. At the very least, machines can serve as top-of-the-line assistant editors, but the true creative aspect of editing lies within the hands and minds of the human editor.

Humans decide how much automation goes into editing a video (adding text, backgrounds, etc.), while the machine brings life to the editing process by making it quick and simple to apply various editing techniques. This allows the user to conveniently explore which images and tracks should be included to enhance the UX.

The machine is extremely good at intuitively suggesting different images and tracks, but ultimately, the user chooses which ones are to be used in the final product.

Customer Service and Community Support Forums

Even the best video creation tool needs a human’s touch and thought process behind it. Its users can interact and collaborate to solve problems that the machine can’t. Yes, machines and AI can solve problems, like transcribing audio and recommending color selections, but they lack creativity in solving them. Humans can collaborate among community support forums and take advantage of superior customer service to create videos that truly appeal to the audience.


AI video making and editing tools are not meant to replace humans. Their purpose is to make the creation of high-quality content faster and more efficient by doing the grunt work for us.

It allows users to be more creative and to shift their focus to other aspects of video making, like creating a storyline that evokes emotion from the viewers.

AI video creation and the human touch complement each other and have the ability to take the user experience to another level.

While machines have the advantage of speed and efficiency, the user is still the artist. The human will forever be the storyteller, not the machine.

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