Why 200 Enterprise Clients Pay Wochit $10m+ to Scale Video Production

Wochit is a pioneer in automated video creation, helping brands and publishers produce short-form video content at the scale and speed needed for today’s video-first, mobile audiences. That success has not gone unnoticed – Our CEO, Dror Ginzberg, recently sat with Nathan Latka from The Top to talk about the inspiration behind the company, our journey so far, and the secrets behind our success with enterprise clients.

Here are today’s show notes, from NathanLatka.com, so you can quickly jump to the parts that answer your most burning questions about Wochit’s success:

01:30 – Nathan’s introduction to today’s show

1:45 – How they’ve built Wochit as a video creation software in the cloud
3:00 – Why their enterprise customers pay based on volume
4:10 – Why they measure on a per-piece basis
4:40 – Why he launched Wochit in 2012
5:30 – How they raised $29M total today
6:20 – How they’ve grown to a team of 50 with HQ in New York
6:50 – How they structure their sales team
7:30 – Why their engineering team is based in Tel Aviv
7:40 – How they’ve scaled to hundreds of customers with north of $10M in ARR
8:05 – Why they might break $30M in ARR in 2018
8:25 – How they have been able to land these large enterprise deals
9:40 – Why some of their clients have invested in their company
11:10 – Why they are growing at around 100% YoY
13:30 – Why they aren’t interested in going downstream right now
15:05 – How they have acheived net negative revenue churn
15:50 – Why most customers expand horizontally across different teams
17:30 – Why they see a return on CAC in less than 6 months
20:20 – How they assume a minimum LTV of $300k
20:50 – Dror Ginzberg’s favorite business book
21:20 – CEO Dror Ginzberg follows
21:45 – Dror Ginzberg‘s favorite online tool
22:50 – Average hours of sleep per night
23:15 – If you could let your 20 year-old self know one thing, what would it be?

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