When the News Breaks, Wochit Customers Put It Together

When the news of iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s death first broke on February 19th, Wochit network publishers immediately got to work producing videos about Lagerfeld and sharing the disheartening news. In fact, it’s how the Wochit team learned about Lagerfeld’s death.

Within the first hour after the announcement, 18 publishers had already created a video on Wochit. Four hours later, the figure had tripled. By the end of the day, Wochit customers had made over 100 videos.

Publishers were able to take advantage of the quickest possible turnaround to create and share high-quality videos on the latest breaking news.

Notable Videos

 We’re always impressed by the speed, creativity, and competence of our publishers. For Lagerfeld’s death, there were three videos in particular that stood out. These videos, each created by a different outlet, were published in record time.

One minute after the news broke by Purepeople on Twitter at 11:07 (GMT), journalists at French magazine Voici sprung into action and logged onto Wochit. Thirty minutes later, they had produced the first video. Within the next ten minutes, two other French publishers—Gala and Femme Actuelle—finished their videos.

Voici Video

The Voici video was first produced at 11:39 (GMT), barely 30 minutes after the news first broke. Their 30-second video opened with some strong photos of the designer. From there, the team overlaid the clips with the first pieces of information about his death, being sure to reference the Purepeople announcement.

Femme Actuelle

Femme Actuelle was barely five minutes behind with their video. Their finished product, ready at 11:44 (GMT) was a slightly longer obituary-style video. It looked back at his life as a fashion icon and talked about the impact he had.


Last but certainly not least, Gala’s video was ready just one minute later at 11:45 (GMT). They chose to reflect on his life and legacy while also explaining that he had recently been ill. The one-minute clip was accompanied by somber music and details of his death.

Timeline: From News Breaking to Video Production

11:07 (GMT) – Purepeople Twitter breaks news of Lagerfeld’s death.

11:08 (GMT) – Wochit publishers spring into action and begin creating videos related to Lagerfeld’s death.

11:39 (GMT) – Voici produces first video.

11:44 (GMT) – Femme Actuelle produces obituary-style video.

11:45 (GMT) – Gala produces video on Lagerfeld’s legacy.


So, what’s the benefit of publishing videos so quickly? Speed helped each of these publishers engage with their audience in real time by providing them with the news in the most engaging format. And by ensuring that they could share the right content at the right time, the publishers were able to garner more views.

For example, within a few hours of publishing their video, L’Express received 31k views on Facebook. By the following morning, the Facebook engagement figures had risen to 169k views, 1377 shares, and 177 comments.

Part of their success can be attributed to the breadth of their video, which was a  three-minute explainer video with clips, images, and facts about Lagerfeld’s life.

How Was This Achieved?

Agile, One-Stop Approach

The Wochit platform empowers publishers in every step of the video production process. From planning (using storyboards) to choosing content, creating the video, adding music, and publishing. The system uses powerful rendering technology in the cloud together with Amazon Web Services to allow high quality production in record time. 

For example, publishers can immediately find relevant and trending content in the 110-million-asset Wochit library. Elle Germany and ABC Nyheter (Norway) both pulled from the library to create their final Lagerfeld videos. Watch Elle’s video on Facebook here.

Social Integration

Easy social integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This means that right after a publisher creates their final video, they can quickly and easily post it across social media to garner the most views and widest audience. Check out these three Wochit integrations for more insight.

The integrations also mean that publishers can pull content from social media to use in their videos. For example, Focus Online used Lagerfeld’s last-ever Instagram video as an anchor in their obituary.  

La Repubblica choose to focus on the reactions online by supermodels who were close to Lagerfeld.


Publishers who have multiple titles are able to re-use the same video but with their own graphics to achieve a consistent overall brand look and feel. For example, Condé Nast in Spain took the same video—looking at Lagerfeld’s legacy and who will replace him—and produced it for multiple brands. Here you can see the video, which focuses on the woman who will succeed Karl Lagerfeld on GQ, Glamour, and Vanity Fair.

Publishers can also follow Marie Claire Australia’s example and share the same video across multiple platforms. For example, they created a wide (16×9) video, perfect for YouTube, and a square video, ideal for Facebook and Instagram. 


Favorite Videos

Here are some of our favorite videos produced after Lagerfeld’s death announcement. MTV and Wada 7 are all great examples of using archive footage. Télé Loisirs and Women’s Weekly Singapore used his best quotes, while La Repubblica focused on favorite anecdotes. Another unique standout video included: Straits Times, which highlights that his cat is the richest in the world.

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