When an Innovative Online Video Editing Platform Goes Viral

Challenges tend to call for problem-solving and creative thinking. Sometimes they even require us to stop old habits, integrate new technologies and break free from what we thought was possible. Challenges can arise naturally and serve to disruptively impose themselves on us, or we can proactively make the choice to invite them in.

At Wochit, we constantly listen to our partners and keep our eyes open for the latest trends in the market, we understand that great storytelling is what actually makes a brand shine in video. Enhancing a story with visually rich layouts that take a video’s performance to the next level can be complicated, especially with the traditional online video editor platforms available in the market. So we decided to push the boundaries of what has been done so far and challenge our partners to unleash their creativity. This is exactly what they did.

On July 7th, we released our latest version which includes Wochit Collage, the first multi-layer video editing experience that works intuitively on a single track. The beauty of this new functionality is that you don’t need to be an experienced video editor or spend countless hours on technicalities to create a professional picture-in-picture effect for your video content. You simply use Wochit Collage to quickly, easily and intuitively create a layout that makes the most sense.

We removed the time consuming, monotonous and expensive parts of the video content creation process, packed our innovative platform with the best creative tools and enabled our users to concentrate on what their care the most: their story.

As soon as the new version was released, large amounts of videos were created with Wochit Collage. Within only 3 days, hundreds of videos were published and shared. We were excited to see how easily our partners embraced the large variety of new layouts that are now available to them.

Here are some amazing examples we are proud to share:

MTV Italy

World Food Programme

Wada 7

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