Bringing Video In-House: What Brands Need in Order to Own Their Video

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We covered a lot of ground about the strategy and planning behind video creation in-house and why brands are bringing video under their own roof. It puts creation in the hands of those most familiar with your brand’s messaging and can cut down on cost and turnaround time. In today’s article, we answer the questions: What does your brand need to make the jump? What do you need to keep in mind as you seek out a video production platform?

Brands need an easy-to-use platform that lets anyone create video

Brands need to be able to shape video quickly and easily. No long production times or lengthy mastering processes should get in the way of awesome videos reaching your audience. Your creatives need tools that allow for coordinating content, editing, and publishing videos on a quick timeline. If you’re looking to really ramp up output, you also need streamlining capabilities, like saved video formats for re-use among teams company-wide.

Brands need an affordable tool

What you don’t need is an expensive video-editing suite that only trained professionals can use. Solutions available today allow any creative to jump into video-making even if they have little or no experience with video. Tools that allow for that kind of quick on-boarding and rapid creation are exactly what brands should look for as they move their video production in-house.

Brands need a platform that empowers creators

Basically, brands need a one-stop-shop that lets anyone jump right into creation. That means easy-to-use interfaces with all the bells and whistles built right in.

You need software that makes editing and styling simple and intuitive. Tools for text-overlays and graphics should be front-and-center alongside video editing tools, and those creative packages must allow your videomakers to shape every element of your content to match your branding and style.

Your creators will also need access to high-quality, up-to-date content libraries with pre-cleared assets (as well as the ability to upload their own footage fast!) Best practice templates can help get the juices flowing and teach the ins-and-outs of video to newcomers.

The easier the creation process, the more personalized, targeted, and effective your videos can be!

Brands need an all-in-one solution

The key to selecting what’s right for your business lies in having a clear strategic vision and knowing the needs of your creators. Access to pre-cleared assets, intuitive editing suites, and rapid publication are the foundation of your needs. The bells and whistles you want to help your teams make memorable and outstanding content may vary depending on your goals.

Just remember that owning video creation will let you take your content marketing to the next level through high-quality content that zeros in on your audience!

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