How Video Can Save Your Job

How Video Can Save Your Job

The times have changed and keep on changing for the publishing industry and media companies. The economics of the industry are drastically different than they were a generation ago. Online publishing and social media demand more content output than ever. But even so, staffing and editorial shifts continue to rock the industry. How can you increase your value as a creator, writer, or editor in the new media landscape? One thing that can help you stand out is video expertise.

Publishers rely on video

Video is everywhere. Scrolling through any social feed brings countless videos from numerous publishers and media companies. Clicking around O&O publisher sites reveals video presented with or in place of written content. Even long-standing publishers who were traditionally print-based have embraced online video.

Video is a critical tool for online publishers to grow audiences and build loyalty. Audiences crave and devour video. To stay relevant among digital audiences, publishers have to offer robust video content. That’s where you come in.

Build your knowledge

The time has come for storytellers in publishing to seek out video experience and grow their expertise. If you’re fortunate enough to be presented the opportunity to start learning about video creation in your current organization, jump at it. But if not, many resources exist that can help you build out your skills.

An easy place to start is with our library of Best Practice Guides. A quick online search will reveal numerous other resources you can use to learn the ins-and-outs of short-form video creation. With Wochit, everyone, from professionals to beginners, can create videos. You can see how the Wochit platform works – intuitively and quickly – by checking out the video here.

Showcase your video skills

Any storyteller working in publishing or media needs to seek out opportunities to learn the ins and outs of video. Whether you’re a reporter, a marketer, an editor, or a social media manager, these skills are quickly becoming a new standard in the industry.

Where once the work of video may have been left exclusively to videographers and video professionals, that’s no longer practical and publishing is rapidly trending away from this. Short-form videos produced on a quick timeline are here to stay, both for social and websites.

For publishers and media companies to stay visible in the digital age, the industry has turned to video. For those working in publishing, displaying video skills, knowledge, and fluency can help you stand out from the crowd. Make sure to mention it in your resume and LinkedIn profile. Preferably with examples. Those skills are already invaluable to publishers, and will only become more so as the importance of video to the industry continues to grow.

To get started brushing up on the ins and outs of social video, check out our Complete Guide to Social Video!


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